Tuesday, May 23, 2017


It has been quite a while since I've done a currently post. My life certainly isn't riveting, but I thought I'd do one anyway as an update on what's going on around here.
First of all, these two are keeping me on my toes! Sean's been working crazy long hours so it has just been me and the kiddos a lot. We try to get out and hit the park daily, but this rain is really cramping our style.
Obsessing over...
Luce's sleep routine. It's a hot mess. It was bad enough that she is co-sleeping and nursing to sleep, but now she's waking up multiple times each hour to nurse. So yes, basically all night long. She won't sleep unless she's nursing, but she won't take a paci. I'm about at my wit's end. 😩 S.O.S.
On a positive note, these are also a current obsession...

Working on...
Practicing my photography. I've always had a dslr and a love for taking pictures, I've just never had the time to pursue it. I'm practicing my heart out and studying up. If you follow me on Instagram, or have been paying any attention around here you may have noticed. If you, or anyone you know is looking for  *super* affordable photos (aka rookie photos) hit me up! 

Thinking about...
Finding a job. Unless some of you line up for pictures or need some Spark or Rodan+Fields skincare. 😜 Just something part time. Something to help out around here, help us reach our goals sooner. I'd have to find an affordable daycare though, or maybe an in home sitter? Any recommendations/leads? 
While I'm here, what's everyone doing for Father's Day? What are your gift ideas??

Wow, let's see. The days are pretty mundane around here lately. I'd say maybe Father's Day? Henry will be gone which is always a bummer, but it will be fun to celebrate Sean's first year as a father. Also a fun catering job! I'm looking forward to catering tacos for a dear friend's birthday. 🌮 

Listening to...
I'm drawing a blank. I feel like I never get to listen to music anymore. Henry talks so much these days that he's always talking to me in the car haha, and when he's not he asks for his music. I hear a lot of toddler songs and Taylor Swift lol. Actually Sean and I were trading music the other day and I shared 'Boy,' by Lee Brice and 'Slow Hands,' by Niall, those are two of my current faves!

I found a fiesta quinoa steam bowl at Aldi the other day and decided to give it a try. It wasn't too bad, it even had a little kick to it. It's a great healthy option full of protein and veggies. Otherwise I'm eating a lot of egg whites, natural PB, low-carb tortillas and green beans lol.

I wasn't sleep deprived and I could find a dream work-from-home job. That's a lot to ask haha. Also wishing we were taking a vacation this year. They're always a nice refresher, aren't they?
I'm also randomly wishing I had one of those "816" hats. Anyone else?

See, life is absolutely riveting right now haha. I'm hoping to share some non-mom, non-kid related stuff on the blog here soon, so stick with me! lol. I'm getting my hair done today (YAY), so once I'm done with that I'll get to work!
Melissa Loren

Sunday, May 21, 2017

{Daddy's Girl & Momma's World}

When I was a little girl, I was born into my mother's maiden name, since no one was there to declare me as their own. A couple of years later I was lucky enough to gain a "bonus dad," whom quickly became my father when he stepped up to the plate as someone else stepped down. That should be irrelevant to this post, but I can't help but have an admiration for Sean as a man, and the father that he is. I never doubted him, but it's beautiful to see it all come to life. He was there with me every step of the way during my pregnancy. He slept on the miserable foldout couch at the hospital the night before I gave birth. He held my hand , gave me strength during delivery and cut Luce's umbilical cord. He works hard everyday, so that I can care for Luce and Henry at home. He comes home and loves on his little girl not only so I can cook dinner or take a shower, but because he doesn't have the luxury of spending his days with her. I feel like all of this should go without saying, but the truth is, it's not always like this, not everyone steps up to the plate. And I love to watch him love her. I can't wait to watch him fall more in love with her and watch her become daddy's little girl.
I give him flack from time to time, because being a stay at home mom can make you feel like you bear the weight of the world and it's caving in on you. We never clock out, after all. We're a team though and it takes each of us doing our part. And I know that he'll always be here to do his part. He'll be here to keep her safe when the boogie man shows up. To drink tea with her and her dolls. To teach her how to change the oil in her car. To kiss the boo boos and tell her to get back on, the first time she learns to ride a bike. To cheer her on at her first basketball game, dance recital or her first debate. To protect her, the first time a boy breaks her heart. To make her laugh when she's having a hard time with the girls at school. To dance with her on her wedding day. To encourage her and be there for her when she has our grand babies. I know you'll always be there. And how sweet it will be to be the one who gets to watch her grow up loving and admiring her father. ❤️
Thank you for loving our girl, for loving Henry, for letting me practice taking pictures, and most of all for loving me, even after all these years.
We love you and we appreciate you!
Melissa Loren

I mean no wonder he loves her, who can say no to that pouty lip? 😉

Thursday, May 18, 2017

{Three Months of Luce}

She's just the happiest and the most content.
Don't get me wrong, she's still a baby.
We still don't take a bottle or paci (should I just write this off by now?), we still nurse 24/7 and when it's bedtime-it's bedtime!

Around 7 pm every night, sis is done and begging for snuggles and a good nursing sesh. This was awesome with Henry, because then I had the rest of the night to myself to get caught up on whatever I wanted, or SLEEP, alone! Sis needs me though. She's my last though, so I'll soak it up. Although I do consider trying her crib all the time. I know for a fact that it would require a little cry it out though. It would be no easy task. She 3 months now, so she now has what it takes for crying it out, but it's so harsh. I did a little cry it out with Henry, but he'd already been sleeping on his own for so long so it wasn't nearly as bad. Has anyone else cried it out, let me know your thoughts/methods!

I'm going to guess that Luce is over 13 pounds, but I won't know her exact weight until her next appointment in June.

She can roll over from tummy to back *and* from back to tummy, and she loves it. If you lay her down and walk away for a second you'll come back to her halfway across the room. 😂

She gets tired of her carseat quickly, which kills me because we're always on the go and that's the only way I could ever get bubba to sleep.

She's still talking more and more. I'm going to guess that she'll be an earlier talking, she's already trying so hard. It seems like she is, anyway!

She's starting to get great control of her neck muscles.

She smiles nonstop. She'll give a stranger a smile.

I'm thinking she's going to keep her baby blues. Daddy has the prettiest blue eyes and I think she's going to take after him.

She is too big for her 3m clothes and is quickly outgrowing some 3-6 month clothes.

She recently found her hands and she loves playing with them and watching them work. She also learned how to grip my shirt tight while snuggling/nursing and it's my favorite.

Want to know what else is my favorite milestone? GIGGLES! She giggled for the first time last week and I teared up on the spot. It's crazy how the smallest moments truly are the best.
I still just melt and swoon over this girl. I have my hard days (mommin' aint easy), but she's happy and fun to be around. I love being her momma. 
Melissa Loren

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

{He's Feeling 22}

Henry Harper. Where do I begin? This one is officially three and a half now. He is Mr. Personality, all smiles and all sass. He talks all the darn time. I swear he loves the sound of his own voice. He loves telling stories in the back seat or sharing his dreams from the night before. Most of the time he's the definition of 'all boy,' playing in the dirt, smashing bugs, making play guns out of sticks, and just itching to be outdoors all of the time. Other times you will catch him begging for you to play his favorite song, "22," by Taylor Swift. Which, I kid you not, he knows almost all of the words to. I can hear him now..."It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters..." 
I'm pretty sure he picked this one up from his dad which is actually hilarious and no surprise. I've caught him rolling his eyes at me a few times and he's used the words 'whatever, mahm,' but at the end of the night he still needs his Bobby the Bobcat & Bandit and to hold hands. Sometimes I catch myself putting pressure on him to be a big boy. It's just that at times he seems so grown and big with a baby around. I mean he wears boxers now! However, the truth is, he's still just a babe himself. He's still learning to navigate his feelings, and even life with a new baby sister. He still needs "hugs and kisses," and wants to share every moment with his momma. He shows small moments of jealousy and never wants to be left out. I can't say I blame him, I'm a bit needy myself and love a good cuddle sesh.
But he also wants to get in and out of the Jeep by himself, carry his own backpack and get dressed by himself. He's all boy when it comes to these things though, takes him 20 minutes to get dressed by himself, 30 if the t.v. is on. HA!
I love my big boy. Really he helps *me* navigate through life. He's right by my side helping me day after day. I honestly don't know what I'd do without his help. He tells me when I need to be patient (all sass I tell ya) and tells me not to cry and that it'll be ok if I'm ever upset.
This boy has so much compassion and heart for a three year old. Just the kindest boy.
Yesterday we went to the park and went for a little hike. It was our lucky day, we saw a crane, several ducks & geese, turtles(see if you can spot the turtles on a log) and even some snakes (eeek!)! Henry is my little model, but I think he's been helping me too much. He's starting to ask to take the pictures, which is so cool, but I need his handsome face! Next up, a few pictures of our adventure...
Not pictured: Sis strolling (literally) with us and the wonderful photo Henry took of me in front of the waterfall. He took an awesome photo, I just wasn't really feeling myself. :-p
Melissa Loren

Monday, May 15, 2017

{Mother's Day Weekend}

It was lazy and full of food and family, all of the things I love! I was showered with flowers, cards, coffee and gift cards to get my hair and nails done. Other than a clean house or a full night's rest, what more could a mom want?! ;) Henry told me that I make the best corn ever and Luce giggled for the first time this, I'd say that sums up a pretty awesome Mother's Day weekend. Of course the weekend really revolved around the kiddos. Donuts and the park for Henry and all the naps and snuggles for Luce. There really isn't any days off for mommas, but I know most of us wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you Sean, Henry, Luce and my parents for making this a special weekend for me! I took way too many photos this weekend, but isn't it boring without pictures to help tell the story?
I practiced some picture taking with my handsome model, we watched our niece play volleyball and visited Sean's mom. Not pictured is the amazing lunch we had with my parents, or any pics of them. I'll have to make up for that next time! 
I hope everyone enjoy their weekend!
Melissa Lorens

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