Thursday, June 22, 2017

{Mom of Boys}

I couldn't wait to take Maddie's photos with her adorable boys. I met Maddie through my bestie Carly when they were working together and Maddie and I were both pregnant with our firsts. Our big boys would come to be born on the same day, November 1st. Obviously it made us automatic friends, even though we never get attend each other's son's birthday parties haha. Maddie and I are also one day apart in October, me on the 13th and her on the 14th! Weird, right? It gets more wild, we would both learn last summer that we were pregnant with our second.What are the odds that we ended up in the hospital on the same night, in rooms right next to each other?? Hudson couldn't hold out until midnight and Luce wasn't quite ready, so they ended up about 14 hours apart, making them the 16th and 17th of February! Wild. I love telling that story for some reason lol.
These pics pretty much sum up daily life for each of us these days. Tend to the baby, kiss the boo boos, spread yourself thin to make sure the love is divided equally. All in a day's work as a mama.
Maddie makes it look easy and is certainly beautiful while doing it. ❤️

Thanks for stopping by, friends! <3
Melissa Loren

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

{4 Months of Luce}

This sweet girl is 4 months old and 14.3 pounds!
She's a rolling machine and working on sitting up. She does the "tripod" but only for a few seconds. 
She can grasp really well and loves her taggies blanket and her Oball.
She's about 70/10 on her car seat. We're always on the go, so most of the time she's pretty agreeable, but if she's been in there too long or is too tired she will let you know, and trust me, you don't want to hear her at that point! 😅
She talks SO much, I don't remember Henry talking this much, especially not as soon as she has. We love her babbles, just not at 4 a.m. lol.
She's 25.5 inches long and in the 87th percentile for height. I just can't believe it. Tall and skinny (thinning out anyway haha) She's tall like daddy and has his beautiful blue eyes.
She still nurses alllllll throughout the night, which I'll admit is sometimes frustrating. More exhausting, but you know how exhaustion can feel to a mama. Of course the pediatrician and everyone else recommend switching her to her own room. That would be significantly easier if we had a third bedroom. So for now I'll keep enduring the wake up calls and being a human pacifier. Really that's all she wants is to "suckle," she only actually eats a couple times at night. You can imagine how painful the constant suckling is. Wah.
She's easy going and smiley during the day, which is wonderful.
She loves to be outside and has enjoyed parks, the splash park and the waterpark with big brother so far this summer. She's always a trooper and down for some fun!
We all love our sweet girl so very much! 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

{Trip to Omaha}

Last week we took an impromptu trip to the Omaha Zoo. By impromptu, I mean we decided to pack up and leave at 9:30 a.m. That doesn't sound too crazy until you realize that the zoo is three hours away from us and we have a 4 month old and a 3 year old. The trip there was great. Luce slept almost the entire way, and when she wasn't sleeping she just giggled and talked. Henry watched a movie on his DVD player and was just happy as a clam-as usual. This was Henry's first trip where he was old enough to see everything and recognize it all. It was so cool to take him through the jungle dome and the aquarium. They had a super cool splash park and of course we hit Stingray Beach so H could pet the stingrays. I think that was definitely his favorite, he didn't want to stop! We also got to see baby giraffes which Henry thought was the coolest. It's my favorite because I've been doing the whole picture thing, practicing and whatnot, and Henry has been watching me nonstop. Naturally he wants to be just like his momma (😉), so he has been mimicking me and asking to use my phone to take pictures. Below is the picture he snapped of the giraffes. Talent, if I've ever seen it. lol. But honestly, it means so much to me how much our kids learn from us and aspire to be like us.
It was definitely hot, the hottest day of the year thus far, but we survived. Henry and Luce both loved it. Luce was awesome all day and even took a tiger snooze in the stroller. The ride home was a different story though. Both kids slept for maybe the first 45 minutes or so. Until Luce woke up and lost it. Henry tried to sleep through it, but he just couldn't. Poor guy. He's such a patient and understanding big brother. Especially since sis cried the entire rest of the drive. Almost 2 hours. I couldn't believe her stamina and that she just kept going!
We won't be making anymore road trips anytime soon, but it was still a fun day!
Melissa Loren

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