Monday, August 8, 2016

{Wild Safari}

Hi guys! I know it's been forever-no shocker there! Life has been pretty dull(in a wonderful way) around here. I've been so sick in my first trimester that I've just kind of been a bump on a log! I'm so close to graduating to my second trimester though, so I've started feeling better and we decided a weekend road trip would be a great way to celebrate! Sean decided to throw it back to our high school days and take us to the Wild Animal Safari in Springfield! (I'm linking it because I had so many friends asked me about it!) Sean and I drove down there when we were younger and we loved it so we knew Henry would too. For the first part of it you're on foot, petting and feeding the animals and then you can go on a five mile drive through the woods and the animals roam freely and you can also feed them, and even touch them if you're brave enough! ;) Some of the animals can be eager beavers, or eager camels and you have to tell them to back it on up lol. I can assure you that Henry thought this was the coolest thing ever. The only thing he wasn't a fan of was this overly "friendly" emu. "Don't like that guy, mahm!!!! Roll window UP!!!" Bahahahaha I love life with a two year old. He keeps me on my toes and keeps me laughing! The 3 hour trip was definitely worth it. As usual, Henry was a champion traveler, he always makes me so proud. If you're not too far from Springfield, I'd suggest trying checking it out! Kids 3 and under are free and adults are around $17. My friend is from Springfield and suggested a few other fun spots, but we definitely needed a weekend and not just one day. We'll go back soon though! Here's a few too many photos of the day!
Thanks for stopping by! 
Melissa Loren

Monday, July 11, 2016

{We Got Some News in Florida!}

Well, we got some exciting news while we were in Florida! We announced a couple weeks ago that we're adding a sweet babe to our tribe. I'm still super early, not even quite out of the first trimester yet, but we couldn't contain our excitement. 
I have been living in a whole since we shared our news, as I've been feeling M I S E R A B L E. I remember being exhausted 100% of the time with H, but never this sick along with it. Just sitting here is painful, let alone getting ready and getting out and doing something. I've caught myself asking Henry to walk a couple times when he's asked me to carry him, and I have to remind myself that it won't be just him for much longer, so I try to push through it and not expect too much from him. I don't want him to be rushed into growing up. He's not even 3 yet, so I'm not ready to stop carrying him or having him as my momma's boy.
Anyway, I know it's been a while, but I just wanted to check in and share our news. We're crazy excited, I'm just ready to be done with this first trimester. I know it's all uphill from there!
Melissa Loren

Thursday, June 30, 2016


I've been invited to partake in another series of Tulip Twist. If you've read along for a while, then you know that Tulip gifts a clothing item to several bloggers and/or fashion lovers so that they can style it how they choose and then everyone goes to vote for their favorite style! The idea is to see how many different ways one piece can be styled! For all of us fashion lovers it's a dream, and really it's like a dream for those who may struggle with what to wear, too! You'll be booming with ideas of ways to style a given piece. Today's twist features this star-spangled tank, just in time for one of the best holidays of the year- Independence Day! 
I went with a laid-back look this time. I paired it with DIY white-washed cut-offs, chuck's, a bomb pop and the cutest Henry there ever was. ;)
I may have cheated a little bit by adding H into my photos, but I'd love your vote anyway! All you have to do is hop on over to Tulip's Facebook page and comment for me!
Henry is wearing a Target tank, gap kids shorts and his own chuck's! :-D
Thanks again, friends! I'll try and be back sooner than later!
Melissa Loren

Monday, June 20, 2016

{We Went to Florida!}

I'm a little late, and if you follow me on any form of social media, then you've probably seen most of these! I wanted to put together a list of must do's is Destin, though!
First of all, this is Sean, he's my guy. Again, if you follow me, you probably already know that, but just to clarify lol! So, his brother and one of my dear friends (Raschel) got married in Florida! Destination weddings are my new favorite! That was our main reason for heading down there, everything else was just a bonus. 
Real quick here are our favorite things to do in Destin:
The beach! Henry went nuts for the beach!! He's still asking to go to the beach everyday, I wish kid, I wish!
Crab Island! We rented a pontoon boat with Zach and Raschel and spent a day anchored out at Crab Island relaxing and taking in the ocean!
The Gulfarium! I know aquariums are kind of frowned upon, but this was so fun for H, he loved seeing all the marine animals.
Baytowne Warf! This private little area is perfect for the kiddos and they always have events going on at night. From hydro shows, to fireworks, you'll definitely have something to do with the kiddos!
Fudpuckers! We didn't eat here, we just fed the alligators. It's interesting how it works, but it was still fun and even cooler to take our picture with one!
We also loved The Shrimp Basket and Captain Dave's, as far as food goes.

We did so much while we were there, these are just a few of our faves. I also wanted to mention that we rented a condo from a private owner on Home Away and had a *wonderful* experience. We were also able to spend a couple of nights with the newly married couple, which was so generous of them to spend their time with us! We loved Destin so much that we ended up staying one extra night. We rented a house boat last minute and stayed a night on the harbor. I never do anything spur of the moment like that, but this was one for the books, we definitely didn't regret it!
This was by far the best trip I've ever been on. Taking H to see the beach for the first time, spending so much quality time with those I love and seeing the beautiful sands of Destin, my heart is so full and I can't wait to go back. <3
Melissa Loren

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

{I Miss My Bestie}

I don't know if you guys know it or not, but my bestie, Carly, lives in Japan right now. Her hubby plays baseball for the Carp, a Japanese team out of Hiromshima. So they're there. Forever. Just kidding she's there from March-ish to September-ish, and this is their second season there, so it just feels like forever lol. When you're used to going to Target and Starbucks once a week and your child calls her Aunt Carl, the distance can take a toll on you ;). No, I really am kidding. I miss her, but I'm so happy for her and it's crazy fun to watch all of her adventures with Kris (her husband) in Japan, and to watch all of Kris' success as he pitches for the Carp. I linked her blog up there ^^ trust me, it's a fun one to read. Her and Kris are like royalty in Japan, it's the coolest thing ever. And her and I are still able to talk first thing in the morning (bed time for her) and in the evening (morning for her), so we talk twice a day usually and we snapchat like crazy. We also stalk each other's photos and make sure we like or comment on every single one. Haha. I think it makes us both feel connected still lol. We're losers, I know. Anyway, this post doesn't really have a point, I just miss her a ton! I wish we were out shopping, or laying out by the pool. The good news is, she'll be home just in time for my birthday (lol), Henry's birthday *and* to celebrate her anniversary!!! ICANNOTWAIT!!! Love you long time, Carl! <3
Melissa Loren

Monday, May 23, 2016

{Bachelorette Weekend Getaway}

This weekend was so much fun. What could be better than a girl's weekend at the lake?! Perfect weather definitely helps. A beautiful place to stay and really good company also make perfect conditions for a weekend full of fun. 
It was kinda of a last minute decision, but my girlfriend Raschel is getting married in a couple weeks and we could't pass up the opportunity to get away and celebrate her. The Lake of The Ozarks is a huge lake just a couple hours away from Kansas City, so we decided to book a room and just enjoy ourselves. We don't have a boat, so we just soaked up some rays by the pool at our gorgeous hotel. Doesn't it look like there's no way we're actually still in Missouri??
After a full day of the pool, we went to dinner and then we of course had to check out some of the cool hangouts. We had blast getting out, meeting people and doing lots of dancing! 
The getaway was just what the doctor ordered and I hope Raschel had so much fun. I can't wait to be on the beach celebrating her again! She is going to be the most beautiful bride ever!

Happy Monday, friends!
Melissa Loren

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