Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Abilities I No Longer Have...

Not to be a negative nancy, but as I've been reflecting on Henry's first year, I've come up with a few things that I missed throughout the past year. 

**It goes without saying that I am terribly grateful for my son and to be his momma, but you know, I'm human! So, here's my list of things that became a little more challenging when I became a mother...

The ability to just hop in the car and go. Quick errand? No problem...juuuust kidding. Do I have the baby? Diaper bag? Is he strapped in properly, man I hate this car seat? Has the diaper bag been restocked? When did he eat last? Shoot, I forgot my phone. Am I wearing a bra? Did I brush my teeth? Does he have a fresh diaper? Debit card? Shoot, I forgot to put on shoes...If this seems exaggerated then you're probably not a mom yet, or maybe your child is older? ;)

The ability to run inside somewhere "real quick." Hahahahahaha. See above. Lots of places to just run inside real quick?  NOPE. Damn you, car seat (but thank you so very much, too!). Is it just me who hates loading and unloading?? #lazymomaward

The ability to do full hair and makeup. I will admit that this one is partially my own fault because nine times out of ten I will choose sleep over any chance to look semi cute. I love sleeeeeep. A shower with Henry is IMPOSSIBLE, so I only shower if he's napping, in bed or if Kory is home. But the rest of the process goes a little like this...all of the vanity drawers and cabinets being opened, all items in said cabinets being pulled out and sprinkled all over my bathroom and bedroom, Henry don't touch the toilet, Henry stay where I can see you, Henry don't put that in your mouth, oh thank you for the hug, Henry. <3 Real talk, it's getting easier now that he can semi entertain himself, it wasn't anywhere near that easy before.
The ability to wear jewelry. Pretty, dangly earrings...NOPE. Pretty, dangly necklaces...NOPE. You get the point.

The ability to deep clean. You know, really get in there and get all the nooks and crannies, wash the sheets, reorganize everything. Am I the only one who likes to spend an entire day listening to music and cleaning? Tell me I'm not alone. Anyway, now I vacuum with a baby on my hip because he's terrified of the dang machine. I put something away and my shadow pulls it back out for me. I double as entertainment for my babe, I must sing and dance while cleaning. And of course there's some serious rest periods to talk and play with Henry.
The ability to get dressed up. I live for comfort these days, so half the outfits that I used to wear I'd never wear now. I hate to be uncomfortable while I'm toting H around. I feel like it takes my focus off what's important. I try to stick to flats/tennis shoes and ponytails just to keep it simple. That's why sometimes I really miss tanks with bralettes and high-heel, over-the-knee boots and pants that aren't yoga pants. 

The ability to resist temptation, AKA the snack pouch. Now that Henry is eating real food we always have snacks on the ready. And I do mean WE. I cannot keep my sticky fingers out of his snack container. Gold fish, cheerios, flavor of the day, you name it, I'll eat. Mwuhahaha. This has not been good for my clean eating. :/

The ability to pee alone. At home and out and about. It's ten times harder when you're out (especially when you have a cart full of stuff) but that's another story. I never understood why my mom always said, "CAN I PLEASE PEE IN PEACE?!?!?!?!" Poor woman. Don't worry mom, I'm getting my payback.
There you have it. The things I slightly missed this year. :)

Honorable Mentions:
Strolling every aisle of Target alone.
Grocery Shopping.
Shopping in general.
Folding laundry without help. :)
Sleep, but that's a no brainer.
Melissa Loren

Monday, October 27, 2014

{Last Pumpkin Patch Visit of the Year}

The weather in KC has been way too incredible to pass up one last trip to the pumpkin patch this season. Today was no exception. Henry and I went with a couple of my girlfriends and their sons and the day didn't disappoint. We fed the goats, took a hayride to pick pumpkins and took mandatory "Carolyn's giant rocking chair" pictures! 
Henry is measuring almost two and a half pumpkins tall, LOVES to slide and clapped and waved every time a tractor full of people went by. 
He had such a great time with his buds. It was the perfect way to spend my favorite season, now it's time to focus on All Hallows' Eve and Henry's big first birthday party! Hashtag King Henry. Hashtag lots of tears!!!! 
Check out this stud...
Melissa Loren

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm sorry it's been so quiet around here lately. I swear I have ideas and thoughts and intentions of blogging. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed though. You know, [obviously] I'm not a writer, I'm not a photographer, I'm not a stylist (as much as my heart says I am and I feel like it's my calling, I'm just not), I'm not a DIY extraordinaire, so sometimes I wonder why I'm doing this blogging thing. Does it serve a purpose? Do I serve a purpose? I feel like I've always been an ambitious, passionate person and somewhere along the way I've lost that part of myself. Lately I feel like I'm drowning, I'm wasting talent, I'm at a stalemate and there's not another move in my future. I feel stuck and I feel like I'm failing sometimes. I'm contributing nothing to my family. The weight of the world rest solely on my husband and I do very little to keep him from that burden. Being a mom is the most incredible role I play, but I know that I need to be doing more. I need to be contributing more and pushing us ahead. Do you ever feel like that? Like a sitting duck? 
I don't know when it was that I lost my calling. The drive and passion is there, I promise. It's just figuring out where I'm going and how to get started. Shouldn't I be past the stage of not knowing what my future holds? Not knowing what I am meant to be and do?
How can a person be so completely overwhelmed and so completely underwhelmed at the same time?
So it's quiet, because I'm working on fixing these things. I'm working on me and finding my calling, my purpose. I want to be more, I need to be more, for my sweet son. 
Because he's basically perfect and he deserves the very best. 
Melissa Loren

Monday, October 20, 2014

Motherhood is a Rainbow

You guys, no one ever tells you what it's really going to be like to be a parent. They try, but nothing ever makes a full impact until you're actually living it. Some days are so hard. Most days are really hard. It's more like every day has hard parts, because most days are extremely wonderful too. The amount of joy you can feel as a parent truly is immeasurable. It's hard for anyone to explain the little things that make us so proud and bring a big ol smile to our face. 

Some days your child refuses to nap (in our case this is basically everyday), but you can't even get frustrated because he's bouncing on the bed laughing uncontrollably and is happier than a bird with a french fry. There will be days when they learn something for the first time and you can't help but admire them and watch the joy on their face. A mouthful of goldfish crackers becomes the funniest thing ever to your little one...and to you too. (Henry learned how to use one of those no-spill snack containers and he clearly thought it was the greatest thing ever- 6 bajillion goldfish later.). Seriously, imagine nonstop giggles and Henry tossing his head back from belly laughter with a mouthful of goldfish! He's hilarious. Wrangling and wrestling a baby to get a diaper on and wiping bottoms all day long can be exhausting and it definitely gets old, but when your little one lets out a caveman-sized toot, you will laugh harder than ever before and wonder how on earth something so big comes out of someone so tiny. Really, it's mind blowing. Having someone attached to your hip and clinging to you every five seconds has it's moments and will definitely make you appreciate the time when you used to be able to pee alone. And your loss of personal space can be hard to cope with, but when a little body walks up from behind you and wraps it's tiny, yet so full of love, arms around you, your.heart.will.melt. You won't even know what to do with all of that love. 
Motherhood will make you feel a rainbow of emotions, all in one day, day after day. There will always be hard times and moments of frustration, but the moments of joy will be the ones that keep you going and the ones you think about when your head hits the pillow each night. These small moments are what make me a mom and make me proud and willing to wake up each morning. I love watching this kiddo grow. <3
Melissa Loren

Thursday, October 16, 2014

{Super Henry}

I had the opportunity to go down to the new HMK store on the plaza to see all of their amazing goodies and I couldn't leave you guys out. I wanted to share with you how awesome their products are. Almost everything is customizable and can be personalized. Like this book I created for Henry's upcoming first birthday. I thought it was too cute and I had to scoop one up for him. I remember when I was a little girl I had a personalized book that was all about Melissa the Mermaid-needless to say, I luuurved it! I think eventually Henry will love his superhero book just as well. They had other themes, like a train book, a firefighter book and they of course had adorable themes for little girls. They had the standard 3:1 ratio of girl choices to boy choices. Haha.
You could customize the character to look like your babe, obviously you could match the name to your child, and you could personalize it with a dedication. Doesn't the illustration actually look a lot like Henry??? :) So adorbs. 
They have many more items to choose from that you can personalize. From onesies to art work, the options are phenomenal. And it's not just for children. They have accessories, gift options for showers and weddings and of course all of the traditional cards and paper goods that you'd expect from a Hallmark store. It's the neatest place. I can't wait to go back for more. This time I might have to hit up their local section, you know, since THE ROYALS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!
HMK is on Facebook as well!
Happy book-making!
Melissa Loren

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{Weekend/Birthday Fun}

Another birthday down. Now that I've finally recovered from the weekend and all of my birthday festivities, I guess I'm ready to blog again. :) 
My first one as a momma and it was legit. I hung out with my little man all day. We met our friends at the mall for a little shopping and some balloon fun in the play area. Henry could not get enough of these giant balloons. He kept getting those big belly giggles as he'd chase after his. It was really neat to watch him play and get excited. I tried to snap a photo of him and his bud having fun, but I learned my lesson-almost one year olds and almost two year olds don't stay still for a picture. Ha.
Afterwards, we met my husband at home, where he had taken a half day and continued the tradition of making me a Creme de Menthe cake for my birthday. Such a sweetie, he is.
Later that evening my parents were kind enough to come over and watch Henry so that Kory and I could have our first official date together, just the two of us. You have no idea how excited I was!!! I'll fully admit I wasn't nervous or sad at all to leave Henry at home with my parents. They are fully capable, Henry is 110% comfortable with them and we were LONG overdue for a night alone!!! I couldn't wait to eat at one of the restaurants that has been on my bucket list for far too long...
Getting ready for dinner, but first, let me take selfie. *insert laugh-so-hard-I-cry emoji*
...Rye was the place I couldn't wait to try. They're known for their fried chicken, and I REALLY wanted to try it, but we just couldn't pass up the Monday night steak special. You guys, the food was sogood-one word. Man oh man, it did not disappoint. Not one bit. I can't wait to go back for round two and try the fried chicken.
I don't know where you're reading from, but here in KC we're all pretty much on cloud nine because our Kansas City Royals are on fire, working on securing their spot in the the world series, so it was pretty cool when we realized Billy Butler (our DH) was in the house. Just an added birthday bonus.
I had already taken a few bites of my pumpkin pie, but it was too good not to document anyway.
We had talked about going to see a movie after dinner, but in all it's lameness, we were exhausted after a glass of wine and full bellies, so we opted to head home and relieve my parents. It was simple and perfect, a simply perfect birthday. I was feeling the love and ready to embrace 27...
 ...and then I woke up. Yes, to this, our garage door in shambles. Awesome, right? Don't worry, it's been fixed already so all of you burglars and Wasco clowns can just stay away. Haha. It pretty much stinks that this happened, but we got it fixed and we're moving on. The only thing left is the giant bruise on my neck from one of the panels swinging off the hinges and throat-checking me while I was trying to help Kory "fix" it. Merp. Thank you for the warmest welcome, 27. ;)
I really am looking forward to the next year, it's sure to give 26 a run for it's money.
Melissa Loren

Friday, October 10, 2014

{Birthday Wish List}

It's that time of year again. I'll officially be closer to 30, than any other milestone age. Bleh, that just sounds awful. ;) 
Last year I was SO ready for a new year. I had had a rough 25th year and I was certain that 26 would turn things around. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Although 26 has easily been the hardest year of my life, it will be one of the most cherished and it will be very tough to beat. It has been an incredible year. I'm thankful from the tips of my toes all the way up to the ends of my postpartum hair regrowth that flails around everywhere. :)
Every year I put together a little birthday wish list. They're just for fun and excuse to drool over the things I adore, buuuut aren't typically in my budget hehe. 
So without further ado...
1. Since I'm always getting my workout on these days, I'm always drooling over workout gear. Tell me, why is it so expensive?? Even at target workout gear can reach up to $35! It's crazy, but they're always so cute so I want them all!
2. My new balance addiction continues. I have to get my hands on these! No man left behind, right??
3. I'm way behind with these. Everyone I know has them but me. They're one of those items I detour out of my way for at target. Mostly I just stare at them. Sometimes I put them in my cart and walk around for a bit to mull them over, but obviously they've never made it home with me. Le sigh.
4. This West Elm dining table is clearly a wish. It won't be coming home anytime soon, but golly she sure is beautiful. I love the reclaimed wood and the bench seating. It's perfect for our kitchen table. 
5. These Rajovilla watercolor clutches are out of this world. Unique. Statement piece. Conversation starter. Classic. Everything you want in a bag. I want all of the colors of course, but I think the black is my very favorite. 
6. Me and buffalo check. Are you guys sick of it yet? I think I do this every year around this season. I just can't get enough of it. And this infinity scarf is the bacon to my eggs (I'm so hungry right now).  
This list could easily go on forever, but 6 seemed like a good number. Now that I'm thinking about it, 7 would've made more sense, but whatever!
Happy Friday, friends!!
Melissa Loren
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