Monday, November 24, 2014

{Skincare Regimen + Rodan and Fields}

Ok I will be the first to admit that I am terrrrrible about taking care of my skin. I'd probably look decrepit in no time if I hadn't started taking care of my skin, because I am notorious for sleeping in my makeup. I know you guys, don't even start yelling at me. I know how bad it is. In all fairness, for the longest time I hardly wore makeup at all. If that helps? A little? These days, I get a little more artsy with my makeup, so I'm fully aware that I need to be tending to my face and really washing all of the makeup and filth off at night.
That's where my friend Natalie and Rodan and Fields come in. I was lucky enough to try a facial and the micro-dermasbrasion paste and oh.em.geeee. I promise I don't want this post to sound like an ad(because I'm not at all being compensated for this), it's just me sharing a product that I enjoy and respect and really want to share with you all. As women we are active, we're mommas, we're the caretakers, we're up all hours of the night and our faces can be one of the first places that show our hard work and exhaustion (other than our love handles, but that's a totally different post), so we have to take care of our beautiful-selves!!!
I just had to share because I've been blown away by the results of Rodan and Fields. I'm not one of the ladies who has used it for months and months (yet), but the few times that I have used it, it's left my skin buttery and the very best way. Nothing is better than fresh, healthy skin. Am I right?!
You guys, if you want to try any of these products, you have to contact my friend Natalie. She can get you hooked up and get your skin looking healthy and beautiful! Feel free to visit her site {http://Nhoagland.Myrandf.Com }.
In the meantime let's get you entered for a chance to win a free mini facial and a package of eye wipes! The only catch is that you will be responsible for following on social media or returning here to see if you won! You'll have 24 hours after I announce the winner on Saturday!
Melissa Loren

Sunday, November 23, 2014

{First Birthday Favorites}

{Drum Set}{Bean Bag}{VTech Smart Wheels}{Basketball Goal}{VTech Bath Bubbles Whale}

Sooo, it's been a while. Have you missed us? ;)
We're still here, we've just been adjusting and growing and staying so super busy! I know the holidays will only make us busier, but I'm going to try and be around more often.

I know I have several readers who have first birthday parties that aren't too far away and with Christmas coming up as well, I thought I'd share some of Henry's favorite gifts from his first birthday. We didn't go too crazy for Henry's birthday because we still don't feel like we should be buying tons of stuff at this point. I made him that personalized superhero book that I shared a while back and then we bought him his own chair (pictured above) from Restoration Hardware. The chair has been a huge hit. He loves the soft faux fur, climbing all over it (uh oh) and he likes to just sit in it and relax and open up a good book. ;)
We all know how much Henry loves bath time so the vtech whale bubble-blower has been a big hit too. He loves the bubbles and the music of course!
Every little one needs a little music in their life and Henry has really taken to his drum set. I have to talk him out of drumming on the walls, but overall it's been pretty great for him. HA.
I'd say the vtech smart wheels car is #2 on Henry's list. It grows with your little one, so it has different stages. We have it set where it's a car with a handle on the back to push and this child looooooves it! We do laps around the house and he just screams and giggles the entire time. It also has several learning tools and he likes to push the buttons and hear the sounds.
#1 on everyone's list is 100% the little tikes basketball goal. I'm a little biased because I always played basketball, but I promise Henry is obsessed with this. We spend a good chunk of our days playing basketball and throwing the ball. He gets crazy excited when you pick him up and help him make a shot. He's too short to make a shot on his own yet, but you better believe he still tries. I love it, it's the most adorable thing.
Henry got so much stuff for his birthday. So much that I had to rearrange our coat closet to make room for toys so that I could put them on rotation. We have a toy corner in our living room and it literally gives me anxiety, there's so much stuff haha. It wasn't enough though, because we just picked up this art easel from ikea for Christmas!
Henry will be almost 14 months come Christmas, so I'd love to hear your suggestions for gifts!
I hope everyone has an amazing Monday!
Melissa Loren

Monday, November 10, 2014

{12 Months of Chalkboards/Henry at 12 Months}

Can you believe that this will be our last monthly chalkboard update? 12 months of chalkboards coming to an end. Tear. Or should I do them for 13 mos, 14 mos and so on?? Totally kidding. Maybe. Henry is 23 months!!! lol. I won't. I will probably do some festive holiday boards, but no more monthly updates. I can't even wrap my mind around that. I've shed enough tears over it, so instead of rambling I'll just tell you guys a little about Henry at 12 months...

He has pushed one molar through and is working on more.
He points and is working on words.
He is officially off of formula.
He is 100% bottle free.
He hates milk of any type, so we are really focusing on yogurt and cheese.
He used his first "sign:" more.
He drinks from a straw.
He loves to throw balls.
Wagon rides are his jam. Today he learned how to open and close the door to his wagon and climbs in and out.
He LOVES stuffed animals. Specifically Mr. Bear and Mr. Monkey.
The child eats veggie straws like they're going out of style.
Tries to say several words including, but not limited to, dadda, tego, and hello.
He holds the phone up to his ear and pretends to be talking to someone (oops).
He likes to turn the light switches on and off (while someone is holding him, obvi).
He still loves to be outside. I don't know what I'm going to do with him this winter.
He loves other little people. Our neighbor's sons are his absolute favorite. I'm positive they'll all be best friends when they get older.
He really enjoys some occasional Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
He reaches for my hands and takes it while we're walking. <3
He is a momma-snuggling machine.
He is still the neediest, fussiest baby ever, but at the same time he is sweet and happy and just wants all your love. What momma could be upset that her baby wants her?? :)
There is so much more, but I'm sleepy and I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to talk about Henry.

Before I go, here's a look back at our chalkboard walls...
Melissa Loren

Friday, November 7, 2014

{Made in KC: King Henry's First Birthday Photos}

You guys know I have to share a few pictures from Henry's one year photo shoot! If you're sick of Henry then you probably wouldn't be here in the first place so I'll go ahead and continue on. ;)

Henry is just the hammiest. I seriously think he enjoys taking all of these photos. I certainly appreciate it! It's funny though, he hated the cake. Let me rephrase that, he loved the cake, he hated the mess. Another thing I can appreciate, kid loves to stay clean. Can I get an amen?
Our girl Kendra did such an amazing job for us again. I'm never disappointed, but who would be when it's their offspring?? Haha.
Isn't he just the cutest little thing? :) Always biased, I know.
Melissa Loren

Made in KC onesie: Sandlot Goods
ONE onesie: PDS113
Polka Dot Bloomers: Kennedy's Collections
ONE Crown: Little Blue Olive
Banner and garland, and ONE letters by yours truly.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

{Henry's First Birthday Party}

As most of you know, Henry's first birthday was this past Saturday. We were so happy to have our friends and family over on Sunday to help celebrate "King Henry," which was the theme I decided on. We actually kept it pretty low key. I decorated a cake table, but we tried to keep everything else pretty simple. We had lots of comfort food that we just served buffet style and our house certainly isn't big enough for all the guests we invited so we just said, "pile on in and make yourselves at home!"
{Adorable photos taken by K. Leo photography. I'll share the rest later! Sweet little "One" Crown from Little Blue Olive!}
I made the fabric garland and the one banner. I also drew the paper glitter crowns and cut them out. Oh and I did that silly little chalkboard as well!
The cake was done by the lovely All Cakes by Rach. She's local and affordable and I swear everyone kept asking who made the cake because it was so moist and yummy. I had never used her before and I'm so glad I tried her out. It was honestly some of the best cake we've ever had and she was so wonderful to work with. If you're local I highly recommend giving her a shot!
My go-to cardboard letters, I just spray painted these gold.
I whipped up some of my tissue pom poms to hang from the ceiling.
I was lucky enough to work with Maddie of Grace and Madd Paperie to make these super custom (and super cheesy, per my request haha) invitations for the party. I love working with Maddie, she's so sweet and her prices can't be beat. Thanks again, girl!
Henry wasn't really into opening gifts, surprise surprise haha. He hung out and checked it all out though. Above he's holding the bear that my best friend got him. It says "Will you be my ring bearer?" She was recently engaged and Henry said yes! :)
 We had such a wonderful turn out and Henry was a champ. I was kinda surprised that he didn't cry when we sang happy birthday to him. Then of course after yesterday's post I couldn't believe that he didn't rip right into his smash cake. I don't think he's into having an audience. ;) Can't say I blame him.

Thank you AGAIN to all of our family and friends for joining us to celebrate Henry, he just loved it!
And thank you Stacy for all of the sweet snaps!!!
Melissa Loren

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

{Henry's First BirthDAY!}

Friday afternoon, the day before Henry's first birthday, I snuck into his nursery to stare at him and weep over the fact that my baby has grown up so fast. This was a true treasure. This rarely happens since Henry hasn't ever really napped well and is such a light sleeper. I could help but stare at him and cry, so many memories in such a short time. How far we've come. Le sigh.
Saturday morning we woke up and I wanted to make Henry a special breakfast for his first birthday. I realized it was his GOLDEN birthday a few days before, so I decided to make him some gold pancakes. His first pancakes, of course. He wasn't too sure at first, but then he got down on them.
We spent the entire day at home relaxing with our little king and doing whatever he wanted to do. He must've known he was going to have a big day the next day, because he napped really well. That evening I baked him a mini cake (I tried one of those can cakes) with M&Ms and he went nuts for it. I couldn't even believe it. Surprisingly, it was straight to the bath and bed after this. He was down for the count, I think he had a pretty rad day. 
It was a fun day hanging out and celebrating our bubba bear.
I still can't believe it. A ONE year old. 
I'll have a post with his party deets next!
Melissa Loren

Monday, November 3, 2014

{Weekend Fun: Halloween Edition}

I have to share some pictures of our our first Halloween with a little one. That's pretty standard, right? I hope you guys won't be upset with me for sharing these. I know Halloween is over and we've all seen plenty of cute kids in costumes, but this was Henry's last FIRST holiday and he made the cutest little tiger, so I really feel like I'd be doing you guys a disservice if I didn't share these. ;)

I'll be honest, we only made it to three houses and they were all neighbors of course, but it was still the cutest thing ever. It was pretty chilly so luckily Henry's costume was snuggly and warm. He looked SO cute walking around. He's little tail wagged all over the place. I couldn't handle all of the cuteness. You guys have to watch this video of him (15 seconds just isn't long enough!!)!
And I was Minnie of course! 
I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! Henry's first was pretty awesome. Now we're ready to tackle his second Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm pretty stoked this year because I have a feeling it's going to be a lot different than last year! 
I'll be back with a few posts sharing his birthday fun!
Melissa Loren

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