Tuesday, July 18, 2017

{Madre Beads}

I had to let you guys in on a little secret, Madre Beads introduced their new #MatriarchShirt last week and it quickly sold out. The good news is that she's doing a preorder this week, so if you missed your chance hop on over and order one now
You've never heard of Madre Beads? First of all, you're missing out. Second of all, they're not just for mommas! While the beads *are* non-toxic, eco-friendly and slobber proof, that's just a bonus! They come on the softest, stretchy t-shirt yarn and come in many beautiful fabrics that can be dressed up or dressed down by anyone. If you're taste is eclectic, minimalist, bohemian or even classic, there's something for you! 
What's more? These necklaces are handmade right here in the U.S. of A, in my home state of Missouri. <3
I've purchased Madre Beads in years past because of the beautiful designs, but they've definitely become even more of a staple with my nursing babe. Luce loves to cling on to something while she's nursing, or even while she's just hanging out on my lap. Notice below she had my hair because I didn't have my beads on. Ha!
I'm wearing the Jolie Necklace in Sunset and the Matriarch Shirt in Blush+size medium. :)
Melissa Loren

Monday, July 17, 2017

{5 Months of Luce}

Ok, where do I start? Has it really been 5 months? Five months sounds like such a long time, but the older I get the more I realize that no amount of time is ever enough! I'm in such a hurry for things to be "easier," or at least more flexible, but at the same time she's growing up so fast. Heck she's already sitting up on her own and trying desperately to crawl! She pushes up on her arms and can spin around and scoot backwards. I almost guarantee that she'll learn how to crawl by 6 months, just like her big brother! She's also loving purees! There hasn't been one that she doesn't like yet. She does a growl of happiness while she eats, it's the strangest, cutest thing ever. She always has daddy cracking up when he's the one feeding her. Don't worry, it hasn't kept her from nursing 24/7, especially at night. She nurses 4-5 times at night still. Sometimes I get so exhausted from it, but most of the time I'm thankful that I'm even able to and that we'll have an incredible bond for life. She still sleeps with me, so she better remember all of these late night and early morning nursing sessions and snuggles! She's laughing more and more and talks *all* the time. She really enjoys her exersaucer and her noisy books. She fights sleep like no other and gets super fussy in the evening, but hopefully we're close to being out of that stage! Otherwise, she's sweet and easy to please, you know, for a baby. Her blue eyes are out of this world and she's in the 87th percentile for height. She's so much like her daddy. I say she's sweet and spicy, too. Sweet like momma, spicy like daddy. ;)
Melissa Loren

Thursday, July 13, 2017

{Nordstrom Early Access Sale}

Ok, I don't have time like most to scour the internet all day and night, but I rounded a few of my favorite Nordstrom Early Access deals! Just a few for me and a couple for the kiddos. I didn't have time to really dig deep, so I'm sure I'm missing out on some super awesome items! I had to get some new workout shoes and I love a simple black. I grabbed H a new jacket for fall and I couldn't pass up Freshly Picked on sale for Luce! I also don't really have time for this post (HA!), Luce is screaming at me. SO, go get busy looking! Of course if you're not a cardholder you'll have to wait a few days, but if you are, run, don't walk! Also if you go crazy don't forget to setup a triple points day!!!
Melissa Loren

Monday, July 10, 2017

{I Could Use a Little Grace and Poise}

You guys, why is being a mom so scary at times? I feel like I shouldn't be professing this as my friend is about to welcome her *third* baby girl into the world, but there's no denying it, y'all. I had this beautiful photoshoot scheduled this weekend without realizing that Sean would be working (he usually helps me with our babes). No fear though, my mom came through in the clutch.
So she comes over to watch Henry and Luce and I'm getting everything packed and ready, putting Luce down for a nap and I notice that Henry still hasn't stopped scratching his chiggers. I won't go into details, but it was undeniable that he was having some sort of reaction to the bites.
-Panic sets in.-
 It sounds dramatic for some bug bites (and it all turned out ok), but I promise you if you had seen what I saw, you would've fa-reaked. He was swollen, inflamed and irritated and for a second I had no idea what to do.
...Does he need the E.R.? Am I overreacting? It's the weekend, there's no one at his doctor's office. It's too late to cancel the photoshoot. I mean, but if he needs the hospital then I have to cancel...  Seriously, so many thoughts flooded my mind. Luckily, I gathered myself and called the nurses line at his doctor's office. They weren't overly concerned since he wasn't fevering, but suggested that I drive to their urgent care office a few hours from the time I called. 
I decided I had time to go through with the photoshoot. Gigi was there -thank goodness, I probably would've freaked out more without her-, she has helped take care of Henry since he was four months old, she could handle it. I had Luce asleep. Everything would be just fine. Did I mention that I was leaving Luce for the first time?
And everything was just fine.
Drama. I know, but I'm still nursing, I'm still me, I'm hormonal. HA. It turned out to be something that's super common in boys during the summer, but you can never be too safe and I'm glad I was able to put my mind at ease.
I know you all know that moment of panic that I was feeling. When something is clearly wrong with your child, but you're not sure what level of freak out you should be at. Add to that, I had somewhere I needed to be. I had a job to fulfill, but I also had my job as a mother to fulfill. It was one of those times where you just need someone to tell you exactly what to do and that everything will be OK!
Thankfully it all worked out. I was able to do the photoshoot and get Henry to the doctor. All he needed was a few things that we already had at home. <3
I'm so glad that I was able to go through with my shoot. Tabitha is a dear friend of mine and it was an honor to be the first to capture one of her pregnancies and her beautiful daughters. Now that I have two kids I'm in awe of all that she has done with me and Henry in the past. She handled two kids like a boss, and now baby girl #3 is due anytime. I have no doubt that she will handle becoming a mom of three with grace and poise. I'm one phone call away if you need anything, girlfriend!
Melissa Loren

Thursday, July 6, 2017

{Luce Colette 4.5 Months}

Most of you have already seen these photos, but I had to document them on the blog anyway. Sean and I had a photoshoot with baby girl a few evenings ago. Partially so I could practice with my camera, but also to document this age. Things with Luce are only getting sweeter. She is happy and giggly all the time. As long as she gets to stick to her routine and gets fed and sleep when she wants it, she stays happy. That smile is infectious and her giggles bring tears to her daddy's eyes. Her eyes get bluer as the days pass and she becomes more and more interested in big brother. Henry is also loving the fact that he can interact with her more and get a response. He will put on a silly show for her and she will just giggle her little heart out. She still sleeps with me at night and nurses off and on all night, but she's starting to give me some decent crib naps where she falls asleep on her own and stays asleep for a while. Small victories, people! 
She loves her daddy which is wonderful for many reasons. The obvious, but also the fact that he can give me a break from time to time! Also, so he can help get big ol smiles while I'm behind the camera! ;) 
Luce you're a doll. You're sugar and spice. You're everything that our family asked for.
Melissa Loren

Saturday, July 1, 2017

{American Greenhouse}

Henry has been so excited for the 4th of July this year! He loves fireworks so much, not playing with them, just watching them. I'm a scaredy cat and a helicopter mom when it comes to the 4th. I can appreciate our independence though and love a good festive shoot! Not to mention hot dogs, watermelon and adult beverages. ;) All it took to get Henry to take some fun photos with me was some Independence Day balloons! He was stoked to pick them out and take photos with them. He also got to pick out some succulents to plant which he thought was pretty cool. We had fun, of course he's 3, so towards the end you'll notice he starts to fizzle out haha. He provided me with all the cheesy poses before his final sizzle. I think my favorite photo is the one where he's pointing at me saying, "No you're silly mama!" See if you can find it.
I had to share this one because this kid is always asking to use my camera on my phone. Which is actually pretty cool. It reminds me that I have some super cool people to stay motivated for and that they're always watching. What a cool thing for them to watch and learn. <3
Melissa Loren
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