Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I've been inspired...

Thank you pinterest for our love/hate relationship. Pinterest has inspired and motivated me. I haven't figured out if this is a good thing, or a bad thing.

After 12 hours of working at my day job, it probably wasn't my best idea to try and bring out my crafty side. I tried anyway. In my opinion, you need lots of time and lots of patience(that I don't have) for this project. "Patience" will be a blog post that I get to later. Ha.

So this is what I worked on...

A grapevine wreath with burlap roses

What I used:
burlap sacks, hot glue gun, scissors and a grapevine wreath

I was able to cut 4 frisbee-sized circles from each burlap sack. It took 3 burlap sacks and and I got 12 circles.

Next I cut each circle into a spiral and got this:

Then I rolled the long pieces into "roses"
and got these:

I hot glued the roses onto the wreath and this was the end result...

I have 4 more to make. This one took me TWO hours. Hopefully I can get through the next 4. For this wreath, I got burlap sacks from Tractor Supply(I was trying to save money). I think I'll visit Hobby Lobby tomorrow to see if they have burlap that will contrast better with the wreath! I may even try to find some different colored felt to make roses with. I'll let you know how that goes. :)

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