Monday, December 12, 2011

{Our Boop}

Two hundred and seventy-seven days ago, Kor and I traveled 8 hours to Peoria, Illinois, to pick up the new addition to our family...

{just a warning, this is picture heavy}

Now, I don't know how many of you know Kory that well, but let's just say some might call him a bit of a procrastinator. A fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy, if you will. Needless to say, after traveling 8 hours we get to Peoria in the middle of the night, only for me to find out that Kory has not booked a hotel for us ahead of time.  Guess what? It's March. It's the state high school basketball tournament in Peoria! Every last hotel is booked by the families of high school basketball studs! I think to myself, "GREAT! We're sleeping the car tonight!" While sitting in the shopping mall parking lot trying to figure out what we're going to do, the sheriff pulls up and interrogates us as if we were plotting our break-in. We explain that we're from Missouri and we're just traveling to meet with a breeder and we're looking for a place to stay. He informs us that it's the state tournament and the only place we'll find to stay will be in the more expensive down town area-an HOUR back the way we came. We thank him and are on our way back to the Mark Twain Hotel(isn't Mark Twain from Missouri?). We get nestled in and get our beauty rest-tomorrow is the big day! In the morning we pack up and drive an hour and 45 minutes more to Peoria, where our tater-tot is waiting! We were the first to pick up so we got to see all the sweet, sweet Akita pups. We could have packed them all up into Baby Blue(the FJ) and been on our way, if allowed. They were all just too sweet and too cute. We of course, picked the cutest one though! The little girl with the racing stripe down her face. :)

We load Tego(she is named after Montego Bay, Jamaica, where we were engaged) in Baby Blue and head back to Missouri. We've only been in the car for about 15 minutes and already, she's whining, fussing and fidgeting all about! I tell Kory that she hates us already and he assures me that she's just nervous and scared. Nervous? Scared? Nope! She just couldn't hold it any longer! So all over my lap it was! 

I know, I know, some things should be left to the imagination. You just don't get the same effect if you don't see the picture! So we pulled over and let her finish her business, while I cleaned up. She was happy as could be after that! 

She fidgeted most of the way, slept a little and tried getting on dad's lap-a LOT. A few days after we got home she enjoyed her first snow. She was adorable prancing around it it!

She was so sweet when she was small. Always so curious. She was small enough to sleep under the table. Now her paws are too big to fit under the table! Look at her with both paws in her food bowl! It used to hurt so bad when she'd bite your toesies, but she was too cute to be angry with! Look at her with her cousin Kumi, WOW she was so small!

Now she's huge! About 75 LBs and still growing! 

Fun facts about Tego: she's a sock hoarder, she is one of a few Akitas that play catch, she licks-a LOT, she LOVES watching television, she likes to sleep on the vents to keep cool, she ate 15 peanut butter balls at our Christmas party, she's a swimmer, she "buries" her rawhides in the wide open and her racing stripe is almost gone :( 

 Our very first family pic and our most recent Christmas pic :)

Tego has made this past year a wonderful adventure. She has become quite the lover, quite an adventurer and such a smart, smart dog. She is so loyal and such a sweetheart. She makes our house a home! We love our Tegobear. I can't believe she'll be a year old next month! Be on the look out for a party invitation! hehe :)


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