Saturday, December 31, 2011


In 2012 I want...

1. To start putting clothes away, immediately after washing and folding them. (ugh, I hate putting clothes away)
2. To use less toilet paper. (sadly, I tend to wrap half the roll around my hand)
3. To be better at planning out meals for us to eat at home. (we eat out way too much)
4. To plan meals that are healthier for the both of us.
5. To spend less money on clothes, or any material things for that matter.
6. To run or do some sort of work out 4 days a week. (again, these are goals...)
7. To keep up with my blogging. (it takes a lot, but I enjoy it so much that it can't really be called work)
8. To be a better person than I was the day before. 
9. To inspire...
10. To watch less television. (this one shouldn't be hard)
11. To ride a horse for the first time. (I want this so bad)
12. To get in shape for Costa Rica in February. (ohhhh yeaaahhh)
13. To try and go to church every Sunday. (not just once or twice a month)
14. To finish a DIY dining room table project. (I'll share pics when it's done)
15. To walk Tego every other day.(I have to be realistic)

That's seems like a lot, but we have big shoes to fill this year! I'm so excited that it's 2012!

Photo courtesy of WashingtonPost
Happy New Year! 

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  1. Can we get a new post about how your doing with your 2012 Goals?? :)


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