Monday, December 26, 2011

The True Value of Family

I don't know what it was, but at first, Christmas just didn't feel like Christmas for me. Our schedule was a little different this Christmas, the weather was too warm, and Kory and I just weren't able to spend a lot of money this year. 

It really had me bummed that we had to make it a point to watch what we bought this year. With just getting married and all, we were definitely on a budget. This was new for both of us. We spent most of our budget on our sweet little niece and nephew, but they definitely had fewer presents from us this year than they ever have. For our siblings and our parents we had to set a certain amount for each of them and I did a few DIY projects for all the ladies in the fam. So with the budget, I was really nervous about all of our get togethers and what everyone would think about their gifts or their amount of gifts. It sounds lame, but I just didn't want to disappoint anyone.

To get to the point...Christmas isn't about presents. It isn't about price tags or name brands. It's about the birth of Christ, first of course(which the kids made Jesus a birthday cake, so so sweet), then for us it's about love and joy and family. Our family will always love us no matter what our budget is or isn't. 

Saturday night we hosted our first Christmas Eve dinner. We had my parents, Kory's mom, and my aunt and cousins over. We ate like KINGS, the food was so yummy! After dinner, we watched our wedding picture slideshow, talked, and laughed, and did what we do every year- watched "It's a Wonderful Life." It was perfect. No gift exchange, just quality family time. That's all I could ask for, just to be with my family. 

Sunday morning we headed to my parents to do Christmas with them and my brother. When we got there my mom pulled me to the side and with tears in her eyes, she told me that she had lost a significant amount of money at the Chiefs game, the day before. It had fallen out of her pocket, gone, just like that. It was money that she was planning to give Kory and me for Christmas so we could do a home project that we've been wanting to do. She was so mad at herself for losing it and so upset that she wouldn't have a gift for us THAT day. I tried to console her and told her to quit beating herself up about it, it wasn't helping. So asked her, what would you rather have happen, lose a lot of money or not have the opportunity to spend Christmas with your amazing son and daughter? For a minute, she jokingly pretended to rather have her money(ha), but then she came to her senses. I mean we're pretty awesome, she couldn't stand to not be with us on Christmas!! She wiped away her tears and said she'd rather have us, any day. Again, family pulled rank and we had a great day just sitting around the table being a family.

Sunday night was with my new brother and sister in law and our niece and nephew. You know those few measly presents I told you we got for the kids? The kids did not think they were measly at all. They oohed and awed over every single gift they got. I can here them now, cooool, I love this, check this out!! They gave us a big hug and kiss after every present they opened. Even the kiddos don't care about how many or how much. So humbling. 

Needless to say, budget or no budget, once we were with our families it felt like Christmas, times 10. We are so blessed to have our family. They make life full. What a wonderful first Christmas as a married couple. I hope everyone had a full and humbling Christmas! 

Enjoy a few of our pics...

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