Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cherish it...

When they say your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye, it's so true...

Our wedding was a whirlwind of activity! There were people everywhere! Photographers, camera men, and women, LOTS women! If you came into our dressing room, you were dodging bobby pins, hairspray, and Mr. Goodcents sandwiches! Ha.  Somehow, all of us girls managed to get ready in time.

 We headed down to the lobby to hop on the trolley, only to discover that it had gone to the wrong hotel to pick us up! Just a minor, set back, no biggie- we figured this was the perfect time to crack open a few beers! :)

We got to the church, and what's that? There's not a bridal suite? Nope, no place for us girls to relax and unwind before the big show, except for the women's restroom! So to the restroom it was! ( I apologize to the guests who needed to use it, whoops...) Luckily Amy had this amazing little gadget that wirelessly connected to her phone and played music for us, so we were able to bust a move while unwinding. Meanwhile, Kory was still at the hotel opening his wedding gift from, yours truly(it's a new bow) Xan is saying, "Let me hold it," in his adorable XanMan voice.

After about 30 minutes in the bathroom, we all lined up and prepared to walk down the aisle, XanMan needed a little pep talk before hand, being the ring bearer is a tough job).

My sweet flower girls handed the roses out one by one...

Then it was time, my dad took me by the arm and proudly walked me down to my hubby to be. I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest, I was so nervous. A church full of people, with their eyes set on you, is a slightly overwhelming.

I felt much better when I met Kory's gaze. Although, he was very emotional, which immediately caused me to lose it! Thank goodness for waterproof mascara!

Kory and I kneeled at the altar & whispered sweet nothings to each other, which quickly lead into joke time, where Kory proceeded to tell me that he was miked up! Yikes! I can't wait to get our DVD back. We really did take our ceremony seriously, though and it truly was sincere and beautiful.

Our next stops were our trolley, Tower Tavern and The Kauffman Center. This is where pictures, lots of Orange Whips, dancing, 190 beers, and light sabers came into play! I tried to protest those darn light sabers(the were my mother's lovely idea) they lured me in though. They were so entertaining! I suggest that everyone gets them for their wedding!

I had to add in the pictures where my cousin Kara pushes me over at the Kauffman Center. Ha. Kidding of course, the wind blew me over and we couldn't stop laughing!

All the hunters showing us their best form...

 My handsome hubby...

The look I get from Kory at least once a day...

The wedding reception is almost a complete blur to me. I remember scarfing down some delicious Anthony's fried chicken(love that place, always will). I remember lining up to be announced and I remember being so shy during our first dance. I can remember the dollar dance going on FOR-EV-ER, but that's, err, a good thing right?? There were definitely a few orange whips here, and there, right BB?? I will never forget Kara and Curt's genuine, well written speeches. Love those two. The dance floor didn't clear once, our guests danced the night away! That is until Kory and I shut down the dance floor with our light saber dance(AWEsome).

And then bam it was the end of the night! We loaded up in a taxi with 5 of our friends, dropped them off in Westport, because they hadn't had enough, then we headed to our suite!

Phew! What a crazy, beautiful, enchanting day. So much good, all in one day. I wouldn't change a single thing.

Happy Friday!


  1. I just came across your blog when I was googling pictures of Pronovias dresses :) Beautiful wedding pictures! Kind of random, but is your dress in the Optical White or Ivory color? I'm considering the Pronovias Fresno in Optical White to match a white lace bolero I already have but I've had a hard time finding pictures of brides in the white color rather than ivory... Your lace jacket is gorgeous!!!

  2. It was white! I didn't want ivory. I was very specific about that :) I love Pronovias! I'd pick them again and again! Thank thank you very much! Good luck with everything!


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