Monday, February 20, 2012

My Foodie Bucket List

Food. I love food. Who doesn't? I enjoy going to new places and trying things that I have never tried before. That being said, I've lived in Kansas City all of my life, yet there are so many restaurants that I've never been to. I will admit that when I fall in love with something I have to have it, again and again. So I tend to go back to the same places just because I enjoyed what I had there so well. You know like, Anthony's for their peppery homemade lasagna, Go Chicken Go for their full of flavor fried chicken, Oklahoma Joe's for their "crack fries(I'm drooling right now),"  or Capital Grille for their slightly sweet, yet spicy, calamari! I can go on for days...
Back to my point, I have a bucket list if you will, of restaurants in Kansas City that I must try. It's a fairly long list. My goal is to hit a new place each month. We are still sticking to our pre-planned monthly dinner menu, so I will leave an open night each month so that we can start checking off our list.
Each time we try a new place I will post about it and let you know what our favorites were and just kind of our personal rating for each place(BOLD LETTERS START A NEW ENTRY). Kory and I like to use the cupcake system, ever since our cake tasting for our wedding(Kory rated the cupcakes that we tried in cupcakes rather than stars). So our scale will be in cupcakes. 1 cupcake if the place was dreadful and 5 cupcakes if the place was da bomb! :) Cool? I think so...

Our list is as follows(I know it will continue to grow but this is a start)...

Westport Flea Market
Carmen's Cafe
The American Restaurant
The Webster House
The Brick
Le Fou Frog

We've technically hit two places on our list already, Avenues Bistro and Carmen's Cafe, both in brookside. Avenues is European style and Carmen's is Italian...

At Avenues we had the best risotto EVER. Herb and Parmesan risotto, it was so delightful. Mmmm. We also had their Fiery Garlic Shrimp which were bathed in a Thai Chili Paste and served on top of rice. They were to die for. My love for shrimp grew even more after having this tasty appetizer! They also have a fantastic wine and martini list, just FYI.
Overall we gave Avenues 3.5 cupcakes.

We tried Carmen's Cafe this weekend. I had the Capellini de Angel which I thought was Ah-mazing! Angel hair, crushed tomatoes, olive oil and fresh garlic, what could be better?! Kory had Judy's Rigatoni and as with anything, he said it could have used more meat! Go figure :) We both enjoyed Carmen's, it's small and quaint, which is just what we like.
For me it was 4 cupcakes.
For Kor it was 3.5 cupcakes.

This one isn't on our bucket list it's just a recommendation. The Savoy Grill is so cool.
 It's a Kansas City landmark, as it's the oldest restaurant in KC. 
When Kor and I went, we each had a steak. I had the Top Sirloin Steak and he had the Steak au Poivre. We both loved them! We aren't really seafood people but they have a great seafood selection. For food and atmosphere we'd each give it
 4 cupcakes

Last night we were able to try another restaurant on our list, The Brick! The Brick was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives so I was super pumped to try it. It's located in the Crossroads District downtown. It was kind of sketch on the outside, but super cool on the inside. It's small kind of artsy place...

We started with a large plate of tater tots cover in so much gooness. They were topped with cheese sauce, chili, green onions, sour cream, jalapenos, tomatoes, and black olives. Soooo good. I love tater tots though, so tater tots covered in deliciousness is like heaven for me. :) Sorry there's not a pic, she set that plate down and we all started demolishing them!

 I had the Cuban Sandwich which had pineapple-cumin marinated chicken, red onions, tomatoes, greens and a cumin aioli on a sourdough roll. It was seriously tasty. I really appreciated it. It came with a side of onion rings, which were delish.
Kory had your typical Reuben, you know, corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, and thousand island dressing on grilled marble rye! He ordered sweet potato fries with his. He enjoyed his, I believe he did say he's had better sweet potato fries and even had a better reuben BUT, he enjoyed it nonetheless!
When Kor and I talked about our thoughts on The Brick we both decided that we thoroughly enjoyed our food but it wasn't a place that we would keep going back to. We tried it, it was tasty, but nothing stood out. Surely nothing stood out enough to me for it to be on Triple D, but what do I know?? 
We both give it 3.5 cupcakes
Have you been to the Brick, what did you think?
Yesterday for lunch we tried LuLu's Thai Noodle Shop. I was in HEAVEN! From the ambiance to the decor and most importantly, the food, everything was perfect! Don't be alarmed by the ridiculous amount of food we tried...
Lettuce Wraps(mmm!)
Pork Dumplings(fantastic!)
Thai Garlic Noodles: Red and green bell peppers, scallions, red onion, peanuts, Thai basil wok-tossed with egg noodles(divine!)

Pad Num Mun Hoy: Pan-seared egg noodles, green beans, broccoli, and mushrooms in a chinese-inspired brown sauce(Tasty!).
Pad Se Eu: Broccoli, carrots, egg and wide rice noodles
{Don't you love all of the names?}
And I could have sampled more. Seriously it was all so good and everything on the menu sounded delicious. So when ordering, it's Thai(obvi) so you can pick a spice level. It can be mild(with no spice at all), medium and it goes up from there. I ordered mild and the waitress asked if I was sure because that meant zero spice so I told her to bump me up to medium. Woo wee! It was awfully spicy for "medium," and I can handle hot stuff, I promise. It was still so good I kept eating even with a runny nose. ha! Just be warned, it's delicious but if you're not in to spicy, then definitely order MILD!
5 cupcakes!
Can you believe it?? I really enjoyed it that much. If you haven't been there, go try it. If you have what did you think? What did you order?

{2 new}
This weekend we crossed Tasso's off our list. We had gyro meat, mousaka and pastitio for an appetizer and then we had the same thing all over again for our entrees. Because their entrees our basically larger versions of their appetizers. We also tried Ouzo which is terrible! I hate black licorice though and that's exactly what it tastes like! You are definitely paying for the atmosphere at Tasso's. For sure. It was fun and entertaining but the food didn't blow me away. I'm completely content with my $5 gyro from the cart in Westport. ha. Of course I'm glad we tried it though.
I'd go 2.5cupcakes to 3 cupcakes on this one.

we tried a few weeks ago, I just haven't gotten around to posting it. I had the Jucy Lucy(in honor of my mother) and Kory had the Roadhouse.
We also had some delicious truffle fries. YUM! Oh and the house-made chips(I was slightly disappointed in these). BRGR was definitely delicious but I'm more of a Blanc Burger fan. Am I allowed to say that? :/ Although, I'd take the atmosphere of BRGR over Blanc ANYTIME! It's so much more cozy. For a burger joint, I'd give them
4 out of 5 cupcakes!
 We're killing this list!
Any recommendations??


  1. Cigar Box... it's on grand right by Willie's. It's one of those best kept secret type of places.. an old Italian bar. If you like Italian it may be the one Italian place you choose from now on. I heard so much about Anthony's but I just didn't like the flavors that well. I've tried a few different things at Cigar Box, the fettuccine is the best I've ever had and of course add some grilled chicken! The lasagna is so good, it's a lunch special on Wednesdays though! The bread is amazing, the ceasar salad is my favorite but Evan really likes the house! And any appetizers we've tried is delicious!

  2. Steph, I've been to Cigar Box. It's so cool, we went there for my Bach party!
    Why have I not been to JJ's?? I keep hearing good things, we'll have to go!

  3. I have been wanting to try Thai food for so long, I've just been worried about where to try it from...NOW I KNOW! THANK YOU! :)

  4. Yes try LuLu's, it might honestly be my new favorite restaurant!

  5. I'm curious to see what you think of Grunauer. Jason and I went there last week, and neither one of us liked the food. They have good French fry dips though ;)

  6. I'm curious too! There's this place in Independence(fairly close to Lucia's) called The Rheinland, it's German. It is SOOOO good. You'll have to go sometime!


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