Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Finds...

There is so much beautiful jewelry to be had on ETSY. If you've never heard of Etsy(I'm sure you have), you are definitely missing out. Etsy is where I found quite a few of my wedding details. Everything is handmade and most are at very reasonable prices. {They have lots of great Valentine's ideas up right now}

I've been on the hunt for great jewelry and I know I just did a blog about statement necklaces but some of these were too beautiful not to share.

The pop of turquoise with the gold on this necklace caught my eye and the geometric stones kept my attention. It's simple but so lovely.

This color is so attractive, and the beads keep it simple.

I found these awesome friendship bracelets over at Girl Obsessed. I had to find more and of course share them with you!

They're so beautiful PLUS they have a little bit of chevron to them!

Speaking of Chevron, this one definitely has the pattern...

Tribal anyone? LOVE, love, LOVE this one!

More chevron...don't you love this one too? It looks great on!

These colors are AWESOME together! I would totally use these for wedding colors.

This pic shows a pin, but you can customize it to be a necklace. I thought it was super cute, plus they come from Lawrence, Kansas. Pretty cool.

For the mommas...personalized children necklaces. So sweet.

OK, these aren't from ETSY, but I must share. For one of my wedding gifts my cousin got me this beautiful necklace from You've probably seen me photographed in it because I wear it every day. I love it. It's so simple, yet so elegant and it goes with literally everything! What's also special about them is that they each come with a special meaning. See below...
They have a bridal collection, sister collection, sorority collection, a "Karma Collection," and many others!

ALSO...Did you check out this APPLE EMPANADA RECIPE?! It's heavenly...

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