Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Little Things in Life...

Yep, you're getting a post about a dog's birthday. She's a cutie though so it's ok, right? 
Tegobear turned ONE yesterday. It's crazy how fast time flies! It seems like it was just yesterday when we were road-tripping to Illinois to get our little boop. She was 4 pounds 4 ounces. I remember sad whimpers through the night and waking up at 1 and 3 AM for potty breaks. She used to try and run so fast that her front legs couldn't keep up and she'd roll into a summersault. She used to take her rawhides and "bury" them all over the house. So sweet. This isn't funny, BUT I remember taking her out(before we had a fence) and being so afraid that the coyotes would get her. Yes we have coyotes. {{they still wake me up some nights}}
NOW, she's 85 pounds give or take, and a coyote would be crazy to come near our house(she's a little protective)! She no longer cries through the night, she tends to sleep until we wake up and she no longer stays in her kennel! She has moved from rawhides to socks, she doesn't hide them, just plays. She's come a long way in just a year. 
She puts a smile on my face every single day so I thought she definitely deserved a special day. Special for her meant a ride to the dog park. She loves "going for a ride."

{{This was also the perfect time to do the January Challenge happening over at the Living On Love Blog. Each month they're throwing out a challenge, this month it was to get your family together for a fun and FREE outing! Since our family consists of me, my hubby and our dog, what better a place than the dog park?? There's still 4 days left to join her challenge, check it out!}}

Living on Love Monthly Challenge

Here she is gearing up for the drive, she's a backseat driver...
{Let's get this party started guys!}

{Excuse me}

{I mean, that's a beautiful dog}

{With Momma}

{Free for all}


{I feel like this could be duck duck goose}

{Anyone in there?}


{Tunnel shot}

{I think I'll be a good mom?}

{We celebrated with Chipotle}

{One measly bone, aawwweee(in the "ultimate dog tease" voice)?}

{Birthday girl}

{Do I look ok?}

{What's a party without birthday cake?!}


{It has my name and everything?}

{Just a little lick...}

{AH, what the heck!!}

{Happy camper}

{Ready for my birthday rub}

We're crazy, but we love her! Wouldn't you do the same?!
Happy Thursday!

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