Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Opposites Attract

One of the things that I love most about my husband, is how different we are. He's a small town guy, I'm a "big city" gal, he's old and I'm young(hehe jk), he's super outgoing and personable, where I'm a little more reserved and shy.  I love all of these differences though, because with them, we're able to learn and grow from one another. Mostly I learn from him, but that's ok with me.
For instance, I had never shot a gun before dating Kory. If you know me, you know that I never dreamed I would shoot a gun, nor did I ever have the care too. I actually thought it was even a little tom-boyish. 
One weekend when when we first started dating, Kory took me to that small town in Kansas where he grew up, and taught me how to shoot a gun. Not just one gun, but several guns. He knew better than to give a girl who had never shot, let alone handled a gun, the biggest gun in the pack. So we started out small and worked our way up.
He taught me everything, from proper form to proper gun safety, which everyone should be taught for their first go-around! Without either of those I wouldn't have felt comfortable shooting.

After giving me a little lesson, he took me out to the river where we shot pop cans, which were stand-ins for burglars. The first gun I shot was a 22. It was light and easy to control. It made shooting pop cans, or burglars, a lot of fun!

Once I was comfortable handling a gun we were able to move on to other types and sizes. We moved on to moving targets next, drifting logs in the water...SO cool! I know it doesn't sound that exhilarating but I'm such a competitor. After pulling that trigger for the first time and seeing how accurate I was, I was hooked!

With our next targets, you needn't be so quick to judge...prairie dogs came next, and before I go any farther let me explain. I know you hear prairie dog and you picture a cute little guinea pig-like animal. The truth is though, that prairie dogs are nothing but rodents. They spread disease and cause a ton of damage. Their tunneling habits are a death sentence for cattle. The cattle we'll break their legs by falling into the tunnels. Once they've broken a leg they have to be put down and with that the farmer is out that money and that beautiful cow! So, it's crucial that the dogs are exterminated. I promise I was doing the landowners a favor.

(I cried at first)

(I was over it quickly)

With that being said, I now understand the rush my husband gets when he's hunting. It's a such a challenge, your heart starts pounding, your adrenaline starts pumping and your mind races, all while remaining completely calm. It's just craziness.
By the end of that first weekend back home with Kor, I was well-practiced. I had shot two different 22's, a 17 rifle, a 380 and 12-guage and 20-guage shotgun. If a girl like me can get out there and shoot a gun AND enjoy it, anyone can! It does take practice though and a great trainer. Kory has been shooting for a very long time and was really able to teach me the things that were important. 
Isn't it lovely how our differences have brought us even closer together? I love it and I can't wait to experience more together!

One day closer to Friday!


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