Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preparing for a Getaway!

We're about a month or so away from our trip to Costa Rica for our Honeymoon!! I'm so stoked I can barely contain my excitement. This will only be my second trip out of the country. My first was to Jamaica. Jamaica is amazing. In fact, amazing is an understatement. Everything about Jamaica was perfect. The people were the friendliest I have ever met. The land was beautiful. The food was delicious. It was an incredible experience. If Costa Rica is half as wonderful as Jamaica, then I will be content. As our departure draws near all I can think about is this trip. We already have our resort and plane tickets booked so it's just the simpler things that are on my mind. What do I need to pack, what will I wear, can I find a new suit, and what will we do while we're there. So first things first-I make a list. :)

It has your basics:
bag for wet/dirty clothes
travel notebook
copies of passport and I.D.
tickets and hotel info
any reservation info

Then I peruse websites in search of the perfect suits and dresses. Usually I wouldn't go out of my way to find new things for a trip BUT you only have one honeymoon. 

(I think a basic suit goes a long way)

(A hott hue and fringe. Perfect for Costa Rica!!)

(Definitely considering a one piece this year)

Great vaca dresses...
(I featured this one on my color-block post)

These just scream Costa Rica. These are all via my pinterest page. Follow me?

Now are "to-do's," there are so many things to chose from. Do we travel through Manuel Antonio National Park to see the many monkeys and sloths? Do we visit the hot springs of the Arenal Volcano?

Do we do a coffee tour at the Poas Volcano??

Do we take a catamaran to Tortuga Island for the day?
(Costa Rica is so beautiful, it almost looks fake...)

Do we take a horseback ride through the waterfalls of Costa Rica? What would you do if you were on your honeymoon and only had a few days to spend doing activities? Would you prefer to lay on the beach or get a massage? There's so many choices that I don't know how we'll choose!

What do you do when you go on vacation? Was there anything you did specifically for your honeymoon? What are things that you must-pack when traveling? Do you have any packing tricks?

Let me know!

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