Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have so many things going on in this head of mine. So many things I want to do and so little time. I need more than 24 hours in a day. Does anyone else feel that way?

Operation Costa Rica has been nonexistent since, oh let's say, Friday? Same old excuse, not enough time to squeeze it in. We have been busy little bees though. Hoping we get back on track tonight!

Dinners at home have been a HUGE success! Do you know how much money we spent this weekend? ZERO, zero dollars! No food, no clothes, nothing. That's unheard of for us. It's absolutely amazing. I find that not going out to eat keeps us at home period. So i'm not out to see all of the different shopping malls and furniture stores. It also keeps me from dressing up, which keeps me from wanting more clothes haha. Instead I can just blog about all the things I want, so they're with me in some way. :)

I need to find nightstands for our bedroom. What do you think of this one?

I really want these sconces...

They are so stinkin' expensive though. If anyone knows of a place to get some affordable, good looking sconces let me know!

I have also found that being so productive in life keeps you from blogging. I have had little to zero time to blog with all the things going on in my home!

I have so many recipes that I want to share with you all so I really need to get those up and going!

I'm really excited to share the project I've been working on with you.

One month from today I will be off to Costa Rica! Honeymooning. I need to start preparing, what will I wear? I need a new suit. United Charges for every bag you check, this could be trouble.

See there's just way too much going on! I'm just a mess lately. lol Well, everyone have a fab day! I'll get back on track and have something worth your while on here!

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