Saturday, April 14, 2012

Statement Necklaces

IN HONOR OF MY JEWELRY PARTY TOMORROW(which I hope lots of peeps are coming to...) I THOUGHT I'D REPOST THIS!

If you're like me, then there are most definitely times when you want to be all dressed up but you also want to be comfortable while being pretty. So how are are you comfortable and casual while receiving lots of compliments on your outfit? You add a statement necklace, that's how. Statement necklaces add just the detail that's needed when wanting to be comfortable but chic.

They're also one of those details that can take you from day to night so easily. What's so great about them is that they can be worn with simple, plain tees and all of a sudden you're all fancy! Throw on a plain tee, a blazer, a pair of cute jeans and a big bold necklace and you're set. 

(Mama K showing her casual side)

(Kourtney K. in Stella and Dot)

If you're ok with dressing up and you're looking to add a little va va voom to your outfit, the statement necklace can cover that for you too.

(Cute prego Kourtney with a statement necklace)

(Gulianna in Stella and Dot)

 (I LOVE the idea of a turquoise statement necklace!)

Here are some of my favorite statement necklaces:

(These first 5 all come from Stella and Dot, click here to browse through more fun jewelry)

(Forever 21)

(I think this one from ALDO is fun)

(Heidi Klum at the Golden Globes)

The key, is to let the statement necklace, make the statement. You don't want anything competing with the necklace. Keep your patterns simple or absent, even. Keep the rest of your jewelry to a bare minimum. Definitely no statement earrings! Keep your colors simple, let the necklace draw the eyes in.

Where do you find your statement necklaces? 

-Melissa Loren

celebrity photos via google

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