Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Ok, I'm about to get a little personal here so please bare with me.

Here we are, 47 days into our blissful marriage and already, I find myself longing, yearning to be a mother.
I know some people will think I'm crazy for wanting it so soon. I know there will be those who think I'm too young or that I'm not ready. But this blog is mine and it's a place for me to express my truest feelings, desires and dreams.
And right now, I'm dreaming about a baby. Holding a baby, loving a baby and bonding with a baby-my little baby. I want to love that baby like my mother loves me. Comfort that baby, rock that baby, and soothe that little one when it needs me. I want to here sweet little coos and murmurs. I want to see ourselves in the baby that we've created. I want to learn new things from our baby and grow as a family.
I want to see the love in my husbands eyes when he feels our baby kick for the first time and when he holds our little sunshine in his arms for the very first time.
want to do things for my baby. I want to be a young mom and I want more than one, close in age too! I'm excited to see life from a new perspective.
I know life won't be over with a baby. It will only be the beginning! We will show our little one the world. We'll travel with her and teach her things. (WOW, our unborn baby just became a girl, hey I can dream.) We'll teach our baby to love fully and to dream, BIG.
That's a lot of wants, but I promise I'm not being selfish. I know it will be a challenge. I understand that each day won't be perfect. I understand that there will be sleepless nights and bumps in the road. Isn't it worth it though?
If you're a mommy, or thinking of becoming one, when was the time right for you, how did you know? How did your significant other know when he was ready? How did you guys decide the time was right? Would you wait longer if you could go back?
I'm not saying that we're going to start trying tomorrow, but the urge is definitely there.

On another note, yesterday marked day two of "Operation Costa Rica." I have to admit, after  a 12 hour work day, working out for an hour and then eating dinner at 8:30, I was beat. It's tough to work until 7, work out and then eat. We managed to get through it though. Tonight we have spaghetti for dinner and it's a rest night. Wednesdays will be our break night, since it's another late night of work for me. We'll be back to the work out grind on Thursday! I'd also like to give a shout out to my hubby, who is doing P90X. For those of you who don't know, he tore his achilles tendon in August. He's made a miraculous recovery. He's doing a FULL work out only 5 months later! Crazy! He amazes me. I give you props honey! :)

Happy Hump Day!

My New Fetish
I have a new fetish. Chevron. It rocks my socks off. It's a cool zig-zag detail that really packs a punch. It's bold, it's fun and it really draws the eyes in. It's a great way to add texture to a room. Curtains, pillows and rugs are a good place to start when adding Chevron to any room. 

via AGBeat

via Bellemaison

 It's also awesome for DIY projects. A hand-painted Chevron wall will bring life to any room. I could totally do this in a nursery.

via ohdeedoh
I want to do this in our bathroom!

If doing an entire wall is too much for you, how about a smaller accent wall, like this?

via apartmentherapy

That one wall, brings so much BANG to this entire space. I love it. Don't you just love what an impact it has?

I'm currently working on a DIY Chevron project, I'll share pics when it's all done. :)

Chevron isn't just for the home. Wearing it also makes quite the statement. It's perfect for clutches, like the one I posted on my FRIDAY FINDS. It's also great for dresses, bathing suits and scarves!

via pixelstix

via pennylove

What are your thoughts on Chevron? Do you love it as much as I do? Or are you not really a fan?


My Top 10 Wedding Dresses of 2012.
I'm a little late in posting this, it was my first day to sleep in-in FOREVER! So I had to take advantage of it! :) Here are my favorite dresses from different 2012 collections. I have to admit, my dress was Pronovias, so I'm a little bias. They're dresses are just so beautiful though-and affordable! I have included a little bit of everything; ball gown, A-line, sheath and trumpet. Hope you enjoy...

Which one is most your style? 
Which one is your fave? 
Which one would you NEVER wear?

If I was to pick a dress again, I think I'd go with number 1.  I think number 6 and number 7 are close runner-ups, though. I love number 8, but I'd probably never wear it just because it's not me, so beautiful though! 
 Everyone have a fun, but safe New Year's Eve!

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