Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Fun...

We're really starting to get used to our relaxing weekends at home, so much that we actually enjoy just staying in and cooking meals at home together. Staying home has also led to many accomplishments. After two years in our house, it's really starting to come together. It seems lots of DIY projects come about when you're staying in. My organizational skills really come out too, it's kind of nice.

With that being said, here's a sneak peak of our bedroom makeover...

 (Yes we built this)

(I love the chandelier and I finally get to use my zebra chair!)

We still have a lot to do, I will definitely share before and after pictures when it's complete!
Since we are redoing our bedroom we have stuff to get rid of. Does anybody want these mirrors? $10 each, let me know! I love them, I just don't have the space for them...

We're still following are eating at home regimen. Are main meals this weekend were meatball subs and delicious steak sandwiches! We had to use up our buns before they went bad! We don't want to waste any money with our planned out meals. So we had to rearrange a little bit, but no biggie!

For meatballs grab a 1lb of hamburger, 1 egg, 1/2 sleeve of ritz crackers, salt, pepper and garlic. Mix it all together and roll your meatballs. Pan fry them until they're golden brown on each side, then toss them in some sauce and let them simmer for about 45 min. SERIOUSLY SO GOOD. Add a hoagie bun and some provolone and you're in meatball heaven! :)

MMM, when we bought the meet for our month, I individually bagged them with different marinades for different meals and then froze them. Our steak sandwiches were thrown in the freezer with Worcestershire. So when they were defrosting they were soaking in all that goodness. We added a little extra seasoning and then tossed them on the grill. Added a little provolone and a few grilled onions and boom, one of my all time favorite meals. So tasty!

We were busy with our girl this weekend too so here's just a few pics of her :)

What do you do when you stay in?

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