Monday, January 2, 2012

A Whole Month Planned...

As you know from my resolutions post, one of my goals was to plan out meals for our family to eat at home. We eat out way too much. With Kory going out for lunch everyday and with us going to fancy dinners just about every other night, it just gets way too expensive. We need to learn now, before we have kids, how to eat at home and how to budget.
So I came up with an idea. I will plan out our meals for the entire month. I will decide now what we will have and what we will need for each meal. 
That's what I did. I decided on a meal for each day and went through each item it would take to create said meal. I went through our freezers and our pantry to see what we had to work with and what I needed to pick up. 
Well, I needed to pick up a LOT. It was a little intimidating, especially out of fear of how much the bill would be. But I only got what was on my list and completely stuck to my meal plan.
I can honestly say that my grocery bill was pretty darn close to what I would usually spend by just picking up random food without a purpose. I only got Hy-Vee brands and spent about $160. That's for an ENTIRE month people!
I know you're thinking, well there's just two of you. The thing is though, that I've planned it out to where we will make enough each night that there will be exactly enough for each of us to pack a lunch the next day. Sometimes, there will be enough for dinner, lunch and dinner again. This means we are eating three meals a day, at home. For less than $3 a person at that. 
Figuring out a plan and putting it all together was fairly tedious, but the hard part will be to actually follow through with it. We have to stay at home and actually cook the meals. For some one who cooks all day for a living, this is definitely a challenge. But to be a healthier us and to save money, I'm up to it! 

Here's my calendar of planned meals:

It was a lot of groceries and a lot of organizing, but it was actually kind of fun to work and communicate with my husband to figure out what we needed and how we would accomplish this. We have a plan and the goal is to stick to it, together. Oh the life of newlyweds :) so grand. I'll let you know how well we did! Fingers crossed that we can make it to the 31st and I can plan out february as well!

Today also kicked off "Operation Costa Rica," we're getting fit for our honeymoon in February! I won't tell you our starting wait(eek), but in the end I hope to tell you how much weight(or how many inches)we lost together! :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. WTG!! I find that I spend WAY less money when I stick to a budget and only buy what I need to make. Plus, it's much healthier for the family when we eat at home. Do you have a crockpot? Find some meals where you can throw in the crockpot and let it cook all day long. That is my saver when I know dinner time is a mess for me to try to have dinner ready (piano, basketball practice, etc). I usually throw a few frozen boneless chickens in w/ some potatoes diced up big and some seasonings... and let it cook on low all day. :) E.A.S.Y!! I'm going to make a menu this month too! (you just inspired me!)

  2. You should post the recepies for all of the meals so we can cook the same thing every night ;)

  3. You can do it! I plan meals weekly, and Evan and I go to the store together every Sunday. We get fresh items though and just what we need for the recipes. I also try to make things that are kind of similar so I can use some of the same ingredients. We get frozen chicken from Sam's club that usually lasts a while, so we don't buy meat that often. You just gotta put your mind to the fitness thing! You already look great!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks Amy!
    Lacey, I'm working on the recipes!
    Thanks Stephanie, we're just so used to eating out! haha but when I set my mind to something I'll do it!


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