Monday, February 13, 2012

25 before 25

I find myself daydreaming about all the things I want to do in life. BIG things, things that I think I just don't have time for and things that I want to learn and accomplish. The things we can do in this lifetime are limitless. It's all on us to decide what's important and what we think we can take on. For me, I feel like if I don't dedicate myself to really trying to accomplish these things, then I never will. SO, I decided to make a list: 25 before twenty-five. Twenty-five things that I want to accomplish before I turn 25! I have just a little more than 8 months to tackle this list. I just think it's so exciting, thinking that I could actually accomplish all of these things and it's really just a great way to make this year eventful and to really cherish it. What was your 2012 like? Well that was the year I accomplish 25 things before my 25th birthday! :)
Since my hand-writing it terrible, here's my 25 typed:
  1. Road trip it to Dallas, Texas.
  2. Take a trip to Aggieville.
  3. Build a GARDEN in our backyard.
  4. Repaint our kitchen.
  5. Eat at all the places on my list.
  6. Start recycling!
  7. Find a new lens for our camera.
  8. Buy/make Christmas gifts AHEAD of time(which if it's before my bday then they will be)
  9. Ask Jana to photograph us with TegoBaby.
  10. Grown my hair back out!!!!!!
  11. Tile our bathroom floors(we've had the tile for close to a year now)
  12. Learn how to sew. *Notice how I left the "well" off, I'll get there but maybe not by October)
  13. Finish our bedroom.
  14. Complete the DIY project sitting in our garage.
  15. Get down a better running routine. Humph.
  16. Keep bringing more business to Lucia's.
  17. For that matter, work more AND harder.
  18. Save a little moo-lah :)
  19. Ride a horse!! (please, please, please!!)
  20. Start working out in the a.m. Maybe??
  21. Celebrate 25 in a way that I haven't before!
  22. Weekend getaway in STL.
  23. Feed the homeless with my husband.
  24. Try my hand at risotto-YUM!
  25. Have an actual garage sale!
Seems easy enough. I will give it my best shot! You're only 24 once, gotta live it up! :)
Happy Monday friends!

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