Thursday, February 2, 2012

Around The House...

Just a few of the things around our house, that I love...

 {Old photos, I wish I had more.}

{Glass lamp}

{Pretty perfume display}

{Our mantle, it needs work...}

{Stacked books}

{Glass candle holders}

{Frame Collages}

 {After I painted our house, my dad(he's always been a painter) explained to me that they say when you paint with bright colors it means your happy. I must be over the moon!}

 {I got this at the HolidayMart 2 years ago, still love it}

 {More photos}

 {Our new canvas from Jana Marie's Photography!}

 {The stairway}

{The landing}

{Guest bathroom, I love this print from ETSY that I bought last year}

{Owl candle holder}

 {Our friend, Buck}

{Pictures I took for Kor}

{Shoes :) }

 {More shoes! :) }

 {Jessica Simpson :)}

 {Hula girl(thanks Jimmy)}

{Zebra + purple = best chair ever}

{Does this concern anyone else??}

{Lucia's cups of course}

{New wedding acrylic}

{And our latest project. We can't hang it yet because we managed to break the glass while we were putting it together. Typical. [Sighs].}

What are your favorite things around your house?
Do you have crazy bright colors too?? (I hope someone does)
Have a fabulous day!

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