Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Wall Art

I saw this awesome piece of art

on a blog I follow. An awesome, personal and easy DIY art project. She gives step by step directions here. I had to try it for some extra art in our bedroom. I still need to frame it and hang it but here's mine...
-poster board
-an old book
-a ruler
-paint swatches
-double sided tape
Cut out all your triangles to be the same size(use one as your trace triangle). I made mine 2.5 in all around. Lay them out on your poster board to make sure you like the pattern.  Psst, that's the great part, there isn't a pattern just what you think looks good. Then use double-sided tape to adhere them! that's it! We have enough pictures of ourselves around the house so I really tried to focus on the details of our wedding. Our wedding day was such a blur that I didn't really get to absorb all the awesome details our day had. It was fun to back through the pictures and just really appreciate all the goodness of our wedding. We just repainted our room in colors that are so close to our wedding colors, which made these pictures perfect for this project!
 I'm really happy with how it turned out. Mine isn't quite as perfect as Elsie's(I wish I would have been more precise), but it's still awesome and completely unique to us. It's also very time consuming. Be patient and accurate with this one, it will pay off in the end!

The printed triangles came from a Gone With the Wind book that I got from a thrift store for 99 cents. I figured a love story was the perfect book for the project. PLUS the name Melly is all over that book! How fitting! The colored triangles are paint swatches. I know that paint swatches are free, but just be warned, when you're taking 50 or so at a time, you will feel like thief. I kept looking over my shoulder like, I'mmm just going to put these in my purse real fast and be on my way...no big deal! I don't know why but I felt so guilty. :)
What do you think? Likey? I love it!
Happy Tuesday!

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