Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Self-photo

Last month I entered in a self-photo challenge for another blog that I follow. You can view that post here. I put a picture up of myself and basically shared one of my insecurities, or what used to be an insecurity of mine, rather. I loved it. I tried to remind everyone that it is important to love yourself. ALL of you, even your "flaws." I liked this positive message so well that I'm going to continue putting up a self-potrait each month. I think it's a great idea to remind myself, and everyone how great we really are! The picture I chose this month is from our honeymoon. I love this photo because it's raw, no makeup, crazy-lady hair and just a big ol' smile(and there's a horse!). :)
{P.S. this really old suit of mine has CHEVRON!}

I want to keep including the same questionnaire from my first post too. I think it'll be neat for me to go back and read one day, to see how my life/mind changes from day to day! 

Obsessing over...

Hmmm...I'll be honest...I'm obsessing over my weight. It's contradicting to the whole point of these posts, but it's good to be honest with yourself. I think it's hard for anyone to be completely satisfied with everything, all of the time. It's not like crazy, oh my gosh I'm so fat, obsessed. It's more like man I really wish I could hop on the healthy train and stay on it. More veggies less fast food and sweets. Why is it so hard to eat healthy?! If you do eat healthy(on a regular basis) what are your tricks? 

Working on...

Redoing the nightstands that I bought almost a month ago now. I'm so excited about them but I've had ZERO time!

Thinking about...

Planning another trip. My mind is in another place lately. All I want to do is travel the world and live life to the fullest, while I can. Where would you go if you were to plan a trip?


Summer. I. LOVE. SUMMER. I cannot wait; swimming suits, tan-a-roni, bud light limes, pool time, jogs with Tego, lake time. Is there anything bad about summer?!

Listening to...

The last thing I listened to was the Katy Perry station on Pandora with my 5 year old niece, Kenzie, on the way to her dance class.


Spinach and steak salads. Lots of them. Trying to be healthy. Boooo. Although, we're about to head to Sam's Club, I see a hot dog in my near future! ;)


There was more time in a day. Wishing I had the motivation to workout. I used to love working out. That was my thing, I was good at it(if you can be good at it). Where is that part of me?? Come back old work-out self... Wishing I had a phenomenal book to read. I want a book to just really knock me off my feet, it's that good.

Have a wonderful day people!


  1. Nice post! I go through lots of phases where I just don't want to work out or eat healthy. But there's not any real secret... you just have to do it until it becomes habit again. you start feeling better and want to work out. you told me everything in moderation though right? There are a couple of things that help. Doing exercise activities that you like. Eating the healthy foods that you like and being prepared, making menus and include what types of things you want for breakfast and lunch. Make your lunch the night before and just have everything ready to go!

  2. I need some basketball in my life. That's what I need. THAT'S the exercise that will work for me. I'm really good about packing my lunch for work! Well I was, maybe that's what I need to do, just get myself back on my normal schedule. Things have just been so crazy lately.


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