Friday, February 24, 2012

Following Through

I had a request to update everyone on where I am with my 2012 resolutions, or goals as I like to call them.  Which is a great idea, because so often people set goals and then they just become an afterthought. I was already planning to revisit my goals at some point, so why not now with the added push from this request? I'll admit, I couldn't honestly rehearse mine for you without going back to look at them. Here were my 2012 resolutions:

1. To start putting clothes away, immediately after washing and folding them. (ugh, I hate putting clothes away)
2. To use less toilet paper. (sadly, I tend to wrap half the roll around my hand)
3. To be better at planning out meals for us to eat at home. (we eat out way too much)
4. To plan meals that are healthier for the both of us.
5. To spend less money on clothes, or any material things for that matter.
6. To run or do some sort of work out 4 days a week. (again, these are goals...)
7. To keep up with my blogging. (it takes a lot, but I enjoy it so much that it can't really be called work)
8. To be a better person than I was the day before. 
9. To inspire...
10. To watch less television. (this one shouldn't be hard)
11. To ride a horse for the first time. (I want this so bad)
12. To get in shape for Costa Rica in February. (ohhhh yeaaahhh)
13. To try and go to church every Sunday. (not just once or twice a month)
14. To finish a DIY dining room table project. (I'll share pics when it's done)
15. To walk Tego every other day.(I have to be realistic)

Now, here's where I stand with my resolutions...
1. If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw this picture;
This really isn't even the half of it. Not exaggerating, I think I had 13 some odd loads of laundry to do when we got back from our honeymoon. Kind of embarrassing. I'm not quite sure how I got so behind, but boy did I! With that being said, I have not had a chance to NOT put my clothes away immediately after washing and folding them. I actually have one more load waiting to go in the wash, as I type this. Once that load is done, it's folding time. Boo. So tonight I WILL put all of my clothes away after folding them! Which means I haven't failed at resolution #1 yet! Woo! :)

2. I have been really awesome at #2. I've cut waaaay back on my t.p. usage. Every now and then I'll catch myself with it wrapped around my hand a few times. When that happens, I unroll it, tear and save the rest for next time. Weird I know, but it's true.

3. As you all know, we planned out every single meal for the month of January. We also only made one trip to the grocery store during the month of January. We spent about $140 on everything that we would need for every meal that month. We were completely successful for the month of January. February is another story. With us leaving for our honeymoon on the 9th, we were busy planning and packing and really just getting prepared for our trip during that first week. Then we were gone for a week. We've been back for about a week now. When we first got home we definitely binged! We wanted nothing but everything that is American and awful for you! We had pizza, go chicken go, 54th street, bbq, the works. The last few nights we've gotten back on track and have eaten lunch and dinner at home. March needs a menu-quick.

4. We've been on spinach salads the last few days. We bought a family-size pack of chicken at Sam's last night and a bag of pretzels. We've been doing pretty well on this one.

5. You know what, since we've been married(a little over 3 months now), I have really cut back on my shopping. It breaks my heart, but it's what's good for us. Suddenly when it's 2 and not just 1, certain things take priority over others. 

6. Meh. I wish I could tell you that I've ran 4 out of 7 days since January. I haven't. I haven't worked out since mid January. It's pathetic.

7. I have clearly kept up with my blogging. :)

8. This is the kind of resolution that I think becomes an afterthought. I barely remember adding this to my list. I have not tried to be a better person from day to day. But at the same time I don't feel like I've failed at this. I'm in such good spirits all of the time that I think it shows and people can appreciate it. I may not wake up and say to myself, "I'm going to be better today, than yesterday," but I think I have still been better in some way from day to day.

9. Well I don't know for sure if I have inspired anyone, but I hope so...

10. I've watched less tele. Not  dramatically less, but less. We've been so busy and out of town that we haven't really had much time for it.

11. I wanted to wait to share this, but what the heck! I got to ride a horse for the first time ever in Costa Rica! Yay yay yay! :-D

12. Eh, I sort of did this. I ate well. I drank lots and lots of water. All of my suits still fit, does that count?!

13. Major fail. I think we've been 3 times since January? I have excuses, but I won't use them. I have not done well at this one.

14. HA. This project has at least moved from our garage to our basement. I won't call this one a fail because I have given myself until my 25th birthday, to finish it.

15. Oh man. I think I'm going to go walk her right now to make myself feel better. The dog park counts right? It has to. That's her favorite thing to do. We do take her to the dog park. When it's miserably cold I refuse to walk her because I'm a sissy when it comes to cold weather. Once spring hits it'll be on!

Phew! I set a lot of goals. What was I thinking?! There is obviously room for improvement, but all in all I'm doing pretty good. I'm proud of myself. After revisiting this list, I think I will continue to push myself to pursue my goals! What were your goals? Are you still keeping up with yours? This year is not over so it's not too late to keep getting better, don't fret! Maybe revisit yours and see where you can improve?

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  1. Yay! You are doing GREAT! Only 2 months into the new year. 10 more to go, think of all the goals you can hit in 10 months!! I did also make a goal to keep the laundry up and the clean clothes put pile is MUCH worse than yours :) Oh well that's what those last 10 months are for right?
    Ps. You inspire me and many others everyday with this blog. :)


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