Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Like Big Buns and I Cannot Lie...

Big {HAIR} buns that is. 

I'm reposting this post because, as you know I'm completely obsessed with this hairstyle and this post's stats are obscenely high. So apparently people like it. Here it is again with my top knot tutorial video!

I'm completely in love with this look and could slap myself for chopping off all my hair. If you're thinking about cutting your hair-DON'T. Unless it's the norm for you. I've never really had short hair. It's not that I hate it, I just miss it being long, I could do so much with it! Like this for example...

Lauren Conrad is just stunning. We all know that. She can really pull off anything, but that's besides the point. She rocks this high bun. She makes it look good chic or casual. Blonde or brunette. Fun or Sexy. You get the point.

Katie Cassidy looks fab. I love the wrap around touch.

 Kourtney always knows what's up. She's been rockin' the high bun forever!

I think Whitney's is super cute too.

Fergie is working to more sleek look...

I love the messy bun look...
all photos via google
Have you been rockin' the big hair bun?? Did you see this big bun tutorial video by me? Do you think this look is too much or are you loving it to? Who do you think wears it best?
Happy Weekend!

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