Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just A Glimpse...

I thought I'd give you a little sneak peak of our honeymoon. I'm sure most of you know by now, but we went to Costa Rica to enjoy a little moon of honey! It was such a beautiful place, it was unlike any place I'd ever been. To have the ocean and the mountains and the jungle all in one place is just magnificent. It really was breathtaking. 

{The view from our balcony. Notice the hammock?? Heaven.}

{We were 1500 something feet above sea level.}

 {I've always wanted to have towel and rose petal decorations!}

 {Better yet, swans!}

 {This is random, but we had the African-themed room and I think I chuckled every time I looked at this lion on the wall.}

{The first thing I did was enjoy a little hammock time :)}

 {The drive up to our room.}

{Palm trees}

{We got to brush up on our spanish...}

 {Our hotel had it's own private beach.}

{WITH private cabanas!}

{The infinity pool for the other part of the hotel.} 

{Our infinity pool!}

{Isn't that view amazing?!}

{It doesn't look like it, but we're so high up!}

 {We have never watch the sunset so much before. Our room had too good of a view not to watch the sunset every night.}

{A sunset is never complete without wine...}

{These little guys would come out every night. For being so small, they made a lot of noise!}

 {Kor at Jaco Beach}

{Neither of us had ever had room service so we were pretty stoked about it :)}

 {We got to see a B-E-A-utiful Macaw!!}

 {He's eating these giant green seed things :)}

{As you can see, we have very few pics of us and if we do, they're singles.}

 {Another amazing view.}

{YAY, one of US!}

{I just wanted to add this because Kory thought it was a mint...It was a napkin. He found out by putting it in his mouth. HA.}

 {The waiters gave these out for Vday.}

 {My valentine to Kor.}

{Our Valentines ellies :)}

It was an amazing trip to say the least. I'll share more deets later. Like all of the crazy stuff that we did and how we budgeted for this super rad trip!


  1. I LOVED every single picture. I can NOT wait to read and hear all about this trip. It looked more than perfect. I'm so happy for you two.

  2. Oh my goodness! This looks amazing! We are hoping to go to Costa Rica for our honeymoon in December, would you mind sharing details about where you went and stayed? Thanks!!

  3. Erika it should be on tomorrow's post! Just FYI


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