Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making Old, New Again

Fashion has gone back in time and brought retro-inspired looks back to 2012 with it. From the
headbands, to the heels, the updos and the ultra feminine dresses and skirts, the 50's and 60's are back! And they're back with a bang. I have always admired the styles from the 50's and 60's. Movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's, Grease and Hairspray always captivated me. Now, there's the show Pan-Am which really encompasses 1960's fashion. I started to watch it just so I could see how they would dress the women and style their hair.
 I love to dress up, I always have. Looking back at the 50's and 60's women were always dressed up,  dressed to the nines. All-out glamour is what I think of when I think of retro fashion. Looking put together from head to toe, not missing a single detail. I'd  like to get back to that. Luckily fashion is doing that for me. There's nothing wrong with being super girly and wearing a beautiful, knee-length, printed dress or an A-line skirt that has a little flow to it. Peplums are back with a vengeance too. Pixie cuts, bobs, rolled up curls, teasing, beehives and high ponies are cool again. Go ahead and bust out your favorite Cat Eye sunglasses because they're all the rage. I'd invest in a pair of white jeans or pants, pair them with a cute wedge for spring. The skinny cropped pant is a must as well.  Don't be afraid to try head wraps, headbands, or ribbons again either.

all images via google

The top on the far left has a "Peplum."

Try some of these looks:
Christian Dior Dress

This skirt with this top tucked in:

Forever 21 Blouse
Mod Cloth Part Deux Skirt
This top layered over the high-waisted skirt below it:
Mod Cloth California Twirl Top

Mod Cloth Lacy Lucky Red Skirt
J. Crew White Ankle Jean

J. Crew Spring Fling

Jessica Simpson Jacquard Tank Dress

Pair this dress with a classic nude heel with a pointed toe and ankle strap
image via google

What do you think about the retro-inspired trends? Are you into them? Would you wear the things I've posted? Where is your favorite place to shop for retro or vintage gear? Next time I go out, I'm getting all dolled up- 50's style! :)

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