Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Finds!

This video is so cute. I was already having "hair-cut blues," so after watching this video I definitely wish I hadn't cut off all my hair. Boo. BUT I will say that I tried this with my short hair and luckily because it's so thick, it still kind of worked. My bun was a little wimpy but still super cute! I posted a pic of it one my Weekend Fun post. This video was too great to keep to myself.
Tulip Louise Tutorial from jade Howard on Vimeo.

{I love this frame. Love this idea. So sweet}

{How awesome is this room? Can you imagine having this as a teenage girl?!}
via mango-papaya.tumblr

{What a sweet idea for V day! My hubbs would love me for this!}
via thenovicechef

{I may or may not have already posted this, love this Kate Spade newspaper clutch!}

{A couple VDAY gifts for HIM}

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