Monday, February 6, 2012


Our weekend was jaaaammm-packed! It was crazy fun though! Friday night we did a little pre-celebrating for my dear friend Sarah's DIRTY THIRTY(she still, technically,  has a couple more weeks)! 
Sadly this is the only photo I have :(

Saturday was all about me and the hubbs. He drove me to work and we got doughnuts after(from Poppy's of course). Then we headed off to Good JuJu. Good JuJu is only open the first weekend of every month, but they have tons of vintage furniture, antiques and neat little collectibles. For me, it's like any place, it can be hit or miss. One weekend you might not see a thing but on another, you might fall in love with everything! It's in the west bottoms(for now, they're moving very soon), go check it out! We were able to find the nightstands I've been looking for! Yay, I'll post pics when they're done!
While we were down in the west bottoms we couldn't resist stopping at the food vendor trucks that were down there, ha I'm such a sucker. So I got a gyro, so good...
 and Kory got some jumbalaya, or gumbo? One of the two...
 Next, we headed to River Market where we stopped to have some cupcakes!
 They look tasty, but actually they weren't our fave-at all.
Next we tried to get a tour of Boulevard Brewing Company-you have to have reservations. We knew this but thought we'd try anyway. We were unsuccessful but we got a few pics!
Tower Tavern was our next stop. LUNCH. Philly cheese steak with fries and a bud light lime! Seriously if you haven't had food at Tower, you should, it's all so tasty!
 After lunch our friend Natalie took us on a tour of some to-die-for lofts in the freight district! Man they were awesome. If we didn't have Tego I'd seriously consider moving down there! This isn't one of her buildings it's just a cool shot we got...

  Sunday was the Super Bowl of course, which I have zero pictures of! I can tell you that the Giants won and we had a lot of fun! :)

I also made an update to My Foodie Bucket List
Happy Monday peeps!


  1. There are so many things I love about this post. First up, I love Good Juju! My mom actually has a booth at a similar thing in Westport called Urban Mining. You should check it out! Second, we've been wanting to do the Boulevard Tour for a LONG time. Awesome!

  2. Good Juju was so great this trip, I wanted to buy so much. I settled for my nightstands though. 2 for $20 bucks, can you believe it?! I will definitely check out Urban Mining! And yes we still need to plan a trip to actually tour the brewery! :)


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