Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekend Fun

I'm a little late with this one, but better late than never right? Friday night Kor helped his brother with some stuff over at their house so I had our house to meself! I started to clean for our BBQ on Sunday but quickly got worn out. ha. I found myself on the couch within 15 minutes of cleaning. I watched the movie Easy A, which I find wildly entertaining. You should watch it sometime. Kory was gone longer than we both thought he would be. This entitled me to a surprise Hot Fudge Sundae with extra hot fudge( my fave!), when he came home. :) I love surprises! Who doesn't love Friday nights on the couch with a movie and their favorite ice cream?
Saturday we both went to work in the a.m. When I got home it was really time to knock some cleaning out. I cleaned this house from top to bottomus! Then Kor and I fed ourselves, hit Target and the local meat market, to prep for our big BBQ on Sunday! After prepping, it was time for primping. We were going out to dinner with some of our really good friends! This was my outfit for Saturday night, it was super cute and fun. A black Express blazer, a white tee from Target, some hot green Express pants and my favorite studded heels!

Would you wear green pants? I love mine!

Sunday was the big BBQ! We had enough meat to feed an army! And boy, can my hubby smoke some meat! MMMM! 

We had 3 different styles of ribs, a brisket, some sausage and some chicken wings! He had his work cut out. Everything turned out so good. We were all in hog heaven. 

My momma brought cupcakes, you know from that bakery that we always talk about. Red velvet, carrot cake and chocolate. :)

Homemade guacamole.

All of the kiddos.

All of the ladies.

Haha. My dad goes, "Do you want me to pose with the L.C.'s sauce?" Sure Dad. :)

Our delicious "Amarillo Eggs," they're jalapenos stuffed with smoked brisket that's soaked in bbq sauce then they're battered and fried. My dad loved these. I think everyone did...

Mac and cheese and bakes beans.

It's not a BBQ without some BBQ sauce! Can you tell we're from Kansas City?

Oh yeah, so much meat! We missed pics of the wings and sausage! Those were appetizers.

We had a GREAT weekend, hope you did too!
Lots of love

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