Thursday, February 9, 2012

You know that giddy little girl with butterflies feeling, that you get when you're so excited you can't stand it?! I'm feeling that. Our trip is so close I can taste it! :) I've got some tasty sweetarts, do you know how good these are? I have my passport, a Glamour mag and a journal just incase! Of course I have my headphones and my iphone for good musica! What are your airplane essentials?!

Pretty soon these little toes will be walking the beaches of Costa Rica! I love ya Kansas City, I really do, but I'm ready to bounce!
Speaking of toes, did you know that Suze Orman says you will save a significant amount of money each month just by skipping manis, pedis and hair appointments?? Duh right? But I mean for some people it's like $1,800 for 2 months. I'm like I don't think I do any of those things that often. I know I don't, especially not these days! Last night I painted my toes for the first time since our wedding. Yes, I still had remnants of  purple toes with white hearts on them :/ eeek! Manis are out the door with what I do!
Anywho, I'm sorry there's not much to this post, I've been busy packing and what not...
Have a fantastic day friends!!

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