Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm Doing It!!!

After 2 years, I've finally gotten enough gumption to dive in. Dive into a kitchen remodel, that is! The Schartz Kitchen Remodel is in affect! We've(my husband and I) been slaving away all day and night to get this project underway! About 20 minutes into it(I was alone at this point), I was already asking myself what I'd gotten into. I'm so tired right now, literally falling asleep at the computer, but I know it's going to be so worth it! I'm so excited to put some more sweat into it tomorrow!
I'm going to try my best to keep blogging but I may be MIA for a while! Keep checking in though. :)
Here's a sneak peak:
 Awful right? I know, don't worry we're taking care of it.

As you can see, Tego is always around to help momma out. I forgot to take a picture of the kitchen all gussied up. I'll find one when it's time for the big reveal so you can see the before and after. One thing that will definitely be different in this kitchen is the paint color! That yellow is dreadful! See ya crazy yellow!
Have a great day friends!


  1. aww why can't my kitchen be that pretty :P i'm jealous!

  2. lol I know our kitchen isn't really that bad, I just want it to be more of a reflection of us! :)


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