Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Night Stand Revamp

Last month I made a trip down to Good JuJu looking for potential night stands. I had been looking everywhere for affordable night stands. I mean affordable. In my mind $80-100 for TWO was affordable. Every place that I looked night stands were at least $80 a piece. I just wasn't wanting to spend that much. I'm cheap, I know. I also wasn't wanting matchy-matchy furniture. As you saw from my room makeover, nothing matches and that's on purpose. I'm not a bedroom set kind of gal. So anyway, I was perusing through Good JuJu and they had lots of good stuff. I saw several night stands. The only problem was they were still fairly expensive, ok they were fairly cheap but I knew I could do better than $40 a piece. Good JuJu also likes to buy stuff and revamp it for you, I was sort of looking for something that I make my own and fix it up myself. I was just about to give up when I looked down and saw this cute little table stacked with books and knickknacks. It was a type-writing table, it was too cute, I had to have it. It didn't have a price tag so I immediately ran to find someone. {When you find something you like at Good JuJu, you have to snag it up quick before someone else does!} On my way to find someone I saw another table similar to it. It was a different color but that was ok they were both type-writing tables. The first lady was taking too long so I had to grab another lady to grab them for me. They were both $10! TWO night stands for 20 bucks? SOLD! They needed just a little TLC.
They each had a few scuffs and scrapes and needed some sanding.
 One was a washed up gray and one was a camel color.
I took off the casters so I wouldn't get any paint on them.
 All I needed was primer, spray paint and sand paper. About $7. And I actually only needed one primer. 
 Here it is once it's been sanded.
 I wiped it down and cleaned it up real nice :)
 Next I primed them and let them sit for about 20 minutes.
Then I was able to spray paint them. They were completely dry after about 30 minutes but I let them sit over night so we didn't inhale the fumes all night!
And here's the AFTER:
There's one on each side, his and hers. They're unique and that's what I like about them. Simple but clever.

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