Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Spring Wreath

I wanted a new Spring wreath, that was  affordable, so I thought I'd make one. I lucked out and Hobby Lobby was having a huge sale so I got everything I needed for $15! Cheap and fun, just what I wanted!

What you need:
Some Greenery(I bought 2 pieces the same and 1 different)
A foam Wreath
A Nest With Eggs
A Hot Glue Gun
You also need a little doggy helper. Not really but Tego always wants to help me. :)
The greenery I bought came as one big wire branch that split off into lots of little wire branches, so I cut the smaller branches off and stuck the wire into the foam. I just kept filling until I thought it was good to go.
Do me a favor, get wire ribbon. I didn't and I just wasn't happy with my bow. Hobby Lobby did not have many ribbon choices(that I liked) so I'd try Michaels. It was 50% off though. {Sigh}
Next I hot glued my nest to my ribbon and then hot glued my ribbon to my wreath. And voila! 
Happy Day!

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