Friday, March 16, 2012

"URN't" You Interested??

Urns. Another lovely obsession of mine. Also another obsession I can thank my mother for. She's the urn lady. Thanks to my mom we have about 11 urns inside and outside of our home. And somehow she still managed to keep several in her home. My mom's favorite place to shop is Nell Hill's. When I was in high school, I remember her traveling to Atchison, Kansas every Monday to shop there. She'd come home with something new each time. It might be just one thing or several things, but it was always something. Typically there was an urn involved. :) Urns are great for decor. You can do so much with them. They're not just for your flowers, although that will always be one of my favorite uses for my urns. We have several in our backyard and a few upfront. I can't wait for April so I can get busy filling them up with beautiful flowers. Dahlias of course and daisies and some greenery. Back to my point, they're great for other decor as well. You can fill them according to season. You can fill them according to necessity. Urns are great for holiday decor. They bring a certain elegance to a room. Here are a few pictures I found on Pinterest and a few other various sites. They show urns being used for holiday decor, book holders, firewood holders, beverage holders and other great decor ideas!

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend! 

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