Monday, March 26, 2012

{Weekend Fun} With An Update:

Sooo we started this "little" kitchen project on Tuesday?? Is that correct? Yes, Tuesday. Already almost a week ago and I'm still not done with the cabinets. :-/ Yikes. When people say redoing your cabinets is a pain in the you know what...they're not joking! It's not hard, it's just very very very tedious and time consuming. I've spent 5 whole evenings(I took Thursday off) on these cabinets and I still have about half of the cabinets to put a 2nd coat of paint on and half that still need the first coat! And then there's hanging them back up of course. I'll be honest, I've kind of ho-hummed around, simply because I want to take my time and do a nice job and it's just not something that you can power through. Little breaks here and there are much needed. And let me tell ya, this is not something that you want to do alone {!} Call in reinforcements for sure. It just makes it more enjoyable.

Here's the top half primed and ready to go. That little curvy thing is getting the boot, that's why it's not painted.
Here's the whole thing primed. This project really causes so much mess. Please don't judge :)
 Here's the backsplash before:
Annnd AFTER! 
Thanks Pops!
 Other than some caulking and clean up, these drawers are pretty much done.
 Stove area...
 Tego :)
 We have a long way to go...
It's a ton of work, but I can already tell that it's going to be totally worth it!
What do you think so far?
Have a lovely Monday!

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