Monday, March 19, 2012

{Weekend Fun}

{My brother-in-law and my nephew}
{Kory and my dad talking BBQ}
{Terry and Kor by the fire}
{My mom and Allen and Diana}
{Terry and Melissa}
{Kory got a shot of my boots}
{Our niece Kenzie and me}
{Just Tego and me hanging out}
{Silly girl}
{Happy girls}
{Trace...he played Angry Birds all weekend!}
{All of the kiddos}
{Kuma, Tego's cuzzy)
{My sistas}
{Apparently the birds think my Spring Wreath is pretty accomadating. Notice my nest with fake eggs and notice the real nest, front and center. Weird}
{I got busy filling some of those urns I was telling you about! Now I want to do them all! I'll have to wait though because Farrand's didn't have all of their flowers out yet(I wonder why?). I'll have to go back to finish filling some of these and to fill the rest. I'll post pictures in a couple months. These babies really go crazy and get full and flowy. It's gorgeous!}

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