Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY: Hanging Baskets...

I was inspired to tackle a DIY project by this month's challenge over at the Living On Love Blog. 

Today I'm sharing how to make a homemade hanging basket. It's not hard at all, but I think people get caught up on the pre-made baskets and don't realize how easy it is to do one at home. It saves you a ton of money and it allows you to customize your basket.

What you need:
Moss, potting soil and a basket.
I chose impatiens and a nice green trailer(a plant that trails over like a waterfall). I prefer trailers for hanging baskets, it makes them look more full and flow-y.
First you'll line your basket(s) with your moss.
Next you'll fill them 3/4 full with your soil. Then you'll place your flowers where you'd like them in the basket. I put a couple trailers on each side. Although, my impatiens will eventually overflow as well(which is exactly what I want). Then place a little extra soil in any holes you might have between your flowers.
You'll want to water them down next. 
Then they're ready to hang! That's it. Super easy.

 Now, I realize they don't look like much yet, but I started these at the beginning of April. Give it time and they will be full, lush and gorgeous!! I'll be sure to post an update in a couple months so you can see how they really fill out.
 In the meantime, they look like this...

Happy Planting!

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