Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{Hair Must-Haves}

Today, I'm sharing a few hair products that I think are must-haves! I have colored my hair consistently since I was 15. Yikes! talk about the D-A-M-A-G-E! Since I got married in November, I haven't had it colored AT all. Crazy right? Over 5 months with no color. That's definitely a record. It looks terrible (ha) but I think it's getting a lot healthier! These are some of the products I count on every day to help keep it healthy...
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I just started using the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo and conditioner and I already LOVE it! It's so refreshing and it's sulfate free which is amazing! It also only takes a little bit which is a miracle coming from me because I love to douse my hair! I recommend trying it ASAP.

Moroccan Oil. I'm sure you guys have heard about this one...who hasn't? This product is a lot like #5 which I talk about below. It speeds up drying time for less damage. It adds shine to your hair. It's fab. You would use either this OR the Smooth Infusion. I had to mention both though because I love them. I switch between the two!

The Hair Potion is a MUST! It's that powder that you use to tease your hair like crazy, you know? It really is like magic, it thickens your hair instantly and adds texture. It's great for second day hair, you know, when you don't have time or just plain don't want to wash your hair the second day(because you're not supposed to wash your hair every day-true story).

The Volumizing Tonic is incredible. It not only adds a tone of volume, but shine too. You spray it on your roots before blow trying and voila, mega volume!

The Smooth Infusion aids in your styling time, it speeds up the process. This means less heat damage from your blow dryer, straightener, etc. It also helps fight off humidity! Hallelujah!

I really do recommend these hair products. They're some of my faves. I think you should get out there and try them!


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  1. You should try the Its a 10 line as well. The leave in stuff is fantastic!


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