Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Bittersweet...

I feel like I'm slacking a little bit on the blog. And I just slept in until 9 o'clock. That never happens. There's just a lot on my mind and so much going on. I'm literally rubbing my eyes and yawning as I type this. Have you ever heard that the restaurant biz is a tough one? Well no one is exaggerating when they say that. It's not for the softies. It's mental, physical and emotional labor. 
With that said, now that we've made the announcement, I can finally blog about it. :) 
Lucia's is moving! If you don't know, Lucia's is our beloved family restaurant. We've been in the same little location for SIXTEEN years! That puts me at 8 years old when my mom started this little biz. Crazy right? In my totally personal and biased opinion, Lucia's has become quite the staple in good ol' Independence, Missouri. We have THE best tacos, you can't be 'em! We're lucky to have so many locals who have been so loyal and enjoy our food so much! That's just my opinion though.
Really it's not even that we're moving, we're already all moved into the new place. Tuesday was the last time that my mom and I stood behind that little cash register.
Moving is definitely a bittersweet moment in my life. We're moving on to bigger and better things, we're beginning a new journey that will hopefully lead to our little business growing even more. That's the sweet part. The bitter is that this little hole in the wall of a restaurant has been my life. I grew up here, it's all I've ever known.  I was ringing people up and counting back change before I could see over the register! Many of my friends worked here in high school. We met many of our closest friends through the restaurant. I met my husband at Lucia's. He asked me out on our first date while I was working. Half of our wedding guests were Lucia's customers whom I love and had watched me grow up. I'd come to Lucia's everyday after school. When I was little I would line up the chairs and use them to nap on. I use to donate all of my tip money to different charities, that stopped when I got a little older of course. Hee. We'd all meet at Lucia's before our high school dances for dinner, classy, I know. Needless to say, my life has revolved around Lucia's. I've said it before and I'll say it again, most all of the good things in my life have come from Lucia's(AKA my mom). I'm very thankful for this.

The new building is just across the street from our old location, so we're not going far. We are however, definitely expanding. The new place seats 200 people. We only had room for 25 before, 25 people! There will be lots of changes, big changes. I'm excited for all of these changes though. I look forward to growing and meeting new people. It's going to be quite the journey, but I'm not afraid! I'm nervous, excited, anxious and eager. I'm just a big ball of emotions! That's to be expected I guess, with such a life-changing experience.
We don't have a definite grand opening date yet, but we're working extremely hard to be back up and running very very soon. We hope you'll join us for the grand opening(I'll be sure to post about it). In the meantime prepare yourself for all of this awesomeness!! I hope you're as excited as we are!
Much love,

*People have asked about the Groupons, we will of course extend the expiration date on them. No Worries, you'll be able to get them used up!


  1. Im so happy for you and your whole family. I love you all so much. This is such an exciting time. Congrats, you all deserve this.

  2. I'm SO excited for you guys!! I knew one day your family would move on to bigger & better!! :)

  3. Oh.. and the girls & I will be there around July 17th-ish... sometimes that week! I so hope your mom doesn't go on vacation then! We have our groupon!

  4. I am so excited for you guys!!! I can't wait to eat at the new place but it will be sad saying goodbye to the old place! Working at Lucia's was my favorite job!


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