Friday, April 27, 2012

{Kitchen Totals}

Just incase anyone is thinking about doing a kitchen makeover anytime soon, but is a little intimidated, I wanted to share what our do-it yourself makeover cost. I think kitchen remodels are the most intimidating of all remodels. A bathroom is pretty intimidating, but we haven't gotten that far yet. We were extremely lucky because my dad does construction for a living, so anything that I couldn't do, he was there to guide me through orrr just do it for me. :) We did everything ourselves so there wasn't any labor included, just the cost of materials. That's a HUGE bonus because honestly, they want to charge you an arm and a leg for every minor little detail. And I'm like I'm not paying $500 for you to tear out my countertops. I'll get a sledge hammer and do it myself. You know? Anywho, here's the break down of everything:

TSP degreaser: $3.96

Klean-Strip Deglosser: $4.39

Zinsser Primer: $18.97

BEHR Premium Plus Paint(Cloudy White): $33.98

BEHR Premiun Plus Paint(Burnished Clay): $29.98

Hardy board(30 sqft): $30.00

Corian Countertops: $1,236.96 installation was free. Tear out of the old countertops was not free, so we did that ourselves(it's not too hard). We did have help by a plumber feind, with disconnecting the old sink. This was obviously the bulk of our budget-it was so worth it though! It's b-e-a-utiful!

Elkay Undermount Stainless Sink: $254.00
This was actually by default, not choice. End the end, I got exactly the sink I wanted, but it was the expensive one. We were shooting for a basic $89.00 sink. But by some odd chance, the sink that I really wanted to being with, was the only one that could be undermounted so it was the one we had to get. It's bittersweet, I guess? I got what I wanted, but at a price.

MOEN Lindley Single-Handle Side-Sprayer Kitchen Faucet: $171.00 Who knew these were so expensive??

Masking Paper: $5.94

Thin Set: $19.97

Spacers: $2.97

Subway Tile(for backsplash): $66.00-but we aren't going to use all of it and we can return what we don't use so it will actually be cheaper! 

Grand Total: $1,878.12

To me, that's a lot of money, but pretty impressive for a remodel. That's new cabinets(updated anyway), new countertops, a new sink, new faucet, a new backsplash design and fresh paint on the walls. That's quite a bit. Especially considering that some people spend tens of thousands of dollars on new cabinets alone. The same goes for granite countertops, people spend thousands of dollars on it. Both were definitely out of range of what we wanted to spend. White cabinets and countertops were what I've always imagined anyway, so exactly what I want for way less?? Sounds perfect to me! I hope this helps someone. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask! 

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