Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kitchen Update-Woo Hoo!!!

If you've been keeping up, you know that around March 21st, we started remodeling our kitchen. Exciting right? So far it has been. It's been a LOT of work, but we haven't had any drastic hang-ups(knock on wood), so that's been great. Other than me being super impatient this project has got super smooth and has actually been [semi]-fun to work on. I'm loving the progress already and I know all the sweat will be worth it. Today I thought I'd give you an idea of how far along we are and what all the process entailed!

Here's our before:
After taking the doors off:
Next we used a degreaser to get all of the doors cleaned up before painting them. This step is a must.
The next must-do step is to degloss the cabinets. You can either do this or sand them. We opted for the less painful route. You rub this in a circular motion all over your cabinets, really well.
After using the deglosser, the cabinets were ready to be primed:
Make sure you're extremely patient and thorough during this process. Take your time. You don't want any runs or blemishes in your finished product! Next is to paint your cabinets, your color of choice. I have always wanted white cabinets!
Our next step was to tear out the backsplash. Here's the before:
The after. Once the tile is pulled off, you then have to remove all of this drywall. You'll take it down to the studs and insulation.
Here's our cabinets painted and our backsplash gone:
With the countertops we ordered, we had to wait to do the backsplash until we had the countertops installed. Well we had to wait 2 weeks for the countertops to be molded and installed. So, yes our kitchen looked like this for a couple of weeks. In the meantime my dad installed hardy board and mud and taped:
While I primed the walls(I needed to do something while I waited). Once I primed the walls it was time to pick out a new paint color. Which one is your favorite? 
I went with the light gray(Burnished Clay). I love how light and airy our kitchen looks now:
Here we are with the new countertops installed:
Here's our hideous sink before:
And after:
Don't you love the new faucet? The sink is also like 3 inches deeper! Eeeep! :)
And here's the new backsplash started:

The new backsplash is still being installed and needs to be grouted and cleaned up, BUT, then we'll be done! Completely done! Yay! A brand new kitchen in less than a month. I think that's pretty stinkin' awesome!

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