Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{Monthly Self-Photo} It's A Good One:

It's April already! Can you believe it?? It blows my mind how fast the time is flying by! A new month means it's time for a new Monthly Self-Photo/Love Yourself post! See previous posts here

This month I have an interesting story to share with you.

Let me start by saying I'm a HUGE basketball fan. I always have been, I played all through grade school, AAU and in high school. I have lived and breathed basketball since 4th grade. With that being said, I was raised as an MU fan, simply because we're from Missouri. My brother went to Mizzou, I went to UMKC, it's just natural that we root for MU. Now, my husband, he went to KSTATE. That makes him a big wildcat fan. But all of Kory's relatives are DIE HARD KU fans. Like crazy obsessed jayhawk fans. Which doesn't bother me a bit. They're all born and raised in Kansas and yada yada. Makes since. So I'm surrounded by a little bit of everything. Lots of basketball love going on around me. One thing that my dad has always said(and like anything, it's all personal opinion) is that we should root for the BIG 12/Midwest. He'd root for his #1 team(MU) first, but if they were out then it was his next best midwest team that he rooted for. But always the Midwest.
With this year's tournament(and I know I'm going to be attacked for saying this, BUT that's kind of the point of this post), MU lost. MU's out, can't root for them anymore. I turn to my husband, you know the KSTATE fan, I root for them next. They lose, can't root for them anymore. Who's the last Midwest/Big 12 team? KU. So yeah, I'll admit it, I'm rooting for the midwest team to take the cake. You better believe though, that if it were an MU/KU game I'd be rooting for the tigers.

My point is, I'm kind of like Switzerland, I'm a little bit neutral. Especially with this story. It's not a bash toward anyone or any team. I just truly appreciate good basketball.

Alright, now that you have a little bit of background and opinion from me, I'll get on with my story.

My niece(Kory's niece) is just like her momma and her daddy, she looooves the jayhawks. She's been a jayhawk fan for nearly 7 years now! She knows all the songs and sayings and has all the gear.  They live over on the Missouri side now where it's mostly MU fans. Well, Kenzie would go to school in her KU gear and just get harassed by the other kids and even teachers at times. She was given such a hard time, day after day that she got to the point where she didn't want to wear her KU gear anymore. This was just not like her. Her mom would ask her why and at first she'd tell her that she just didn't want to anymore. As time went by her mom would ask her more often and finally Kenzie admitted that the kids teased her and said things like, "BOO KU." The next day Kenzie's mom walked her to school, with her KU umbrella in hand and one of the PTA moms did the same thing to her! She booed her KU umbrella! She was stunned that the grown woman would act that way. 

Now that she had a little taste of what Kenzie was getting, she sat her down and explained to her that what these kids were doing wasn't nice and that she could still wear her KU gear, no matter what they said to her. Kenzie got back in the swing of things and started feeling good enough to wear her team proudly.

I get the rivalry. I do. This post for me, isn't about the rivalry or who's team's better. It's just not. For me this post is about Kenzie. It's great because Kenzie didn't back down. She decided to keep doing what she loved most. She(with the help of her momma) didn't let anyone change her mind or who she is. She has the confidence every day to walk into that school knowing that someone might just say something, but if they do, she won't be bothered by it. That's how we all should be. We can't be embarrassed or shy or worried that someone will make fun of what we would do or what we wear or what we love. Do/wear/say what you love and do it proudly, because it's who you are and that's what makes you great!
On the flip side of it, if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all! It's been a while since I've heard that one. :)
I'm a proud aunt. I'm glad Kenzie is going to keep on keepin' on with what she loves. And I'm going to keep on trying new things without worrying about what could happen or what people could say, just like my niece! Who knew a soon-to-be 7 year old could be so influential??

I REPEAT, this was not about the rivalry or the tournament. It's about standing up for what you believe in. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to flaunt it, but don't ever change because someone doesn't like what you stand for. Be who you want to be.

Now for the INFO:
Obsessing over...
The clutter in my house!! It's driving me crrraaazzzyyyy!!! I need this kitchen to be done so I can get back to being organized!
Working on...
My tan. I've been laying out already. It's great. :)
Thinking about...
Going back home with Kory next weekend. There's so many things about his home town that I can't wait to share with you guys.
Opening Day...The JJ Grey concert...Kenzie's skating party...still the jewelry party...Easter...Meeting Lauren Conrad(OH yeah!)....

Listening to...
YEAH! By Usher. Classic. Always makes me think of Hitch!

A Special K protein shake.
It doesn't get too hot too quickly. I'd really like to enjoy some Spring weather.

Have a fabulous day y'all!

*This was prepared prior to the National Championship


  1. I agree that people are just plain ridiculous. I know when I was in school, it was a joking thing ... no one would be harassed by standing for one team or another. It was simply a "oh man! KU? Really dude?" and that was it. Always with laughter. Now? It's a harsh world.. and I can't even believe the PARENTS are being booed! I mean, I think it would be one thing if it was my dearest friend joshing me around and teasing me .. but a stranger? Tsk... Good for your niece! She's learning some hard lessons early for her age. Glad she has parents to help her learn. :)

  2. Go Kenzie! This is probably one of my favorite posts! Richard and I are KU fans...so that makes Christian a KU fan, kind of like it or not at this point. We can take the Boos and the Hisses but I would be so hurt if my child was being almost "bullied" because of a team he liked. I would hope that he would respond the same way Kenzie did in the same situation. I'm very proud of her. If she is this strong at age 7...Watch out world. :)


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