Wednesday, May 23, 2012

6 months

May 19th was our 6 month anniversary. Six months. It might have been the fastest 6 months of my life. Some may think it's silly to consider a 6 month anniversary, but I feel that it was worth celebrating. Every day of marriage with my husband is worth celebrating. So any opportunity we have to celebrate one another, we will! We've endured a lot in our first few months of marriage, there have been several changes, but we've tackled everything together. Now that I'm working long hours at the restaurant again, guess who's right by my side? Kory. There he is on the weekends or after work running around the restaurant doing all that he can to help. If he doesn't come help, I come home to clean laundry, a fresh cut lawn, clean dishes and the sweetest little pup. I had to work all day on our 6 months but I came home to a fire, some good music and this...

...we were engaged in Jamaica and we brought home a bottle of their house rum. We only drink it on special occasions. This was special :) a shot each for us, that's all. 
Thanks Kory for everything you do and a wonderful first 6 moths.
Here's to many many more.

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