Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From 45 to 10!

I posted these eye-catching necklaces on the blog yesterday. 
I love every single color this necklace comes in. The turquoise is by far my favorite but I love them all! This collection of Necklaces is called "Valley of the Sun," and comes from Swell Caroline. I've had my eye on the turquoise one for a while now. These necklaces are $45 each. For some people that's really not too bad. Most days, my impulse shopping will kick in and if I really want it, I don't care, I'll just buy it. When I first saw this necklace though, we were closing down the old restaurant and funds were just a little tight. $45 seemed a little steep for a necklace at the time. 
I have a rule when something is out of my price range, but I really really want it, I wait and think about it. I think, do I really need this? Will I wear it enough? What will I wear it with(because if you don't have anything to wear it with, then you definitely shouldn't be buying it!). If I've thought long and hard about it and I keep coming back to it, then I'll consider buying. Well I found myself night after night, going to the website and drooling over it. I told my mom about it, I told my husband about it...they didn't care. Ha. One night while on the website and drooling, I discovered "Swell Rewards." I don't know if you've noticed on Facebook, but lately I have "liked" jewelry and it has posted to my page. Well that's because each time you like something on the Swell Caroline page you earn  1 "swell buck," which is equivalent to $1. I'm sure the site wouldn't appreciate me telling you this, but I can't pass up sharing this deal with you! So I figured out that each day I could like up to two things on their page and earn 2 swell bucks($2). It requires patience, when I want something I don't usually like to wait, but this time it was so worth the wait. Some nights I'd forget to do it and sometimes I'd only like one thing but I eventually got the necklace down to TEN DOLLARS!! I could have kept going but my excitement got the best of me. I had to buy it. A $45 necklace for 10 bucks, I'd been patient enough! It took me nearly 18 days but who cares.
 I just reread this and realized I sound like a complete cheapo, but I don't care because I save 35 bucks on a necklace that is stunning. :) 
Head over to their site and see what you can get!

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