Thursday, May 24, 2012

{Let's Be Realistic}

Several months ago I titled a post 25 Before Twenty-Five. All the things I want to do before I turn 25. See that post here. I had been big plans several months ago. I'm slowly coming to the realization that most of these things won't be happening before I turn 25, mostly due to the sudden changes that have occurred in my life. I thought I'd review my list and see what I can still try to do, what I will definitely be putting on hold and what I will definitely do before turning 25.

  1. Road trip it to Dallas, Texas.---> This won't be happening.
  2. Take a trip to Aggieville. ---> I'm still holding out for this one.
  3. Build a GARDEN in our backyard.---> Next summer...Instead I'd like to get my hammock up!
  4. Repaint our kitchen. DONE
  5. Eat at all the places on my list.---> This will happen, just not by October. Bummer.
  6. Start recycling!--->This should have been started already. No excuses I will do this one.
  7. Find a new lens for our camera.---> On hold. Instead we need to paint our house, soon.
  8. Buy/make Christmas gifts AHEAD of time(which if it's before my bday then they will be). ---> SIGH.
  9. Ask Jana to photograph us with TegoBaby. DONE
  10. Grown my hair back out!!!!!!---> In the works!
  11. Tile our bathroom floors(we've had the tile for close to a year now).--->Bahahaha.
  12. Learn how to sew. *Notice how I left the "well" off, I'll get there but maybe not by October)---> On hold
  13. Finish our bedroom. DONE
  14. Complete the DIY project sitting in our garage.---> The least on my list. 
  15. Get down a better running routine. Humph. ---> Wellllll we'll keep trying on this one...
  16. Keep bringing more business to Lucia's. DONE
  17. For that matter, work more AND harder. DONE DONE and DONE
  18. Save a little moo-lah :) Getting there...
  19. Ride a horse!! (please, please, please!!) DONE
  20. Start working out in the a.m. Maybe??---> Not going to happen.
  21. Celebrate 25 in a way that I haven't before! --->We have a wedding on my bday so that will be the perfect way to celebrate in a new way!
  22. Weekend getaway in STL.--->Maybe Omaha instead??
  23. Feed the homeless with my husband.--->This might just be done on a different level than I expected.
  24. Try my hand at risotto-YUM!
  25. Have an actual garage sale!---> The neighborhood garage sale was last weekend so I guess that ship has sailed!
What things do you hope to accomplish in the future? 


  1. You are doing a good job! Plus you have inspired me to make my own list. :)


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