Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{My Secret Weapons for Staying Slim}

This is such a cheesy post, but I really do eat/drink/use these things on the regular and I really think they work. 

First off, I LOVE Naked juices. They are amazing.
 The Green Machine looks and sounds terrible but I think it's the best one. I have it for breakfast every morning. Let me break it down for you real quick just so you understand how awesome it is for you: 
140 calories
50% vitamin A
11% potassium
2 3/4 apples
1/2 banana
1/3 kiwi
1/3 mango
a hint of pineapple
blue green algae
barley grass
wheat grass

It's seriously the perfect meal in a bottle and it's so tasty. I also love the Blue Machine!

The next thing that I can't get enough of it lemon water. It's so refreshing plus it has many many benefits. Let me break those down for you:
It boosts you immune system.
It balances you pH.
It helps with weight loss.
It aids digestion.
It is a diuretic.
It clears skin.
It freshens breath.
It relieves respiratory problems.
It lowers stress.
Really, all of these things have been proven. So try drinking some lemon water.

I'm also hooked on fiber boosts. They work wonders. I won't give you all of the details(we all know what fiber does for us). It keeps me regular and it helps fight hunger, those are the biggest pros for me. I honestly, have yet to find a fiber supplement that I like better than the Arbonne brand. It's tasteless, it's clear and it dissolves well, so I never even know it's there. 

Lastly, the Special K Protein Shakes-they're delicious. I'll admit, I don't like them as much as the Naked Juices and I don't think they're quite as healthy, but in a pinch they're way better than hitting a drive-thru!

Basically, the moral is, the more fruit, veggies and protein you eat, the healthier and slimmer you'll be!
Have a fab day!

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