Friday, May 25, 2012

Randoms About Moi

I consume ice cream all year round.

I cry about everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

I sleep with socks on.

Iced caramel macchiato please.

Nothing makes me feel better than fresh mascara.

I always find my toothbrush in the oddest places.

I still have and wear clothes from high school.

I never wear any form of lip cover.

I hate mushrooms, tomatoes and pickles. *gasps* I know, crazy right? But I love love love cucumbers and anything made from tomatoes.

I can communicate with my mom without any words.

If I could be better at one thing, it would be singing. Not to be famous or anything, just so I could actually enjoy singing out loud in my car haha and so I could sing to my babies one day.

I've never finished a bottle of nail polish.

And, I'm REALLY excited about this weekend!!! I hope you enjoy yours!!


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  1. I have never finished a bottle of nail polish either. :) Enjoy your weekend off.


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