Monday, May 28, 2012


This weekend was packed with fun and excitement! After 3 weeks of working 95-100 hours a week, I was more than ready for a weekend off! As much as I would have loved to just lay around my house and relax, I really needed to get out, get dolled up and see my friends! So we started Friday night, I got home from work around 10:15, showered and we met some frees at the Peanut for drinks. Next stop, O'dowds...why? Because The Lost Wax was playing there. They are AH-maz-ing. We shook, rattled and rolled all the way until 3 am with The Lost Wax. If you haven't seen them play, you should. They're a cover band but they play everything from 60's music to yesterday's music. So good, check them out.

Saturday I sunbathed while Kor went golfing. Then we got ready for a night on the town with our friends. We had a few pre dinner cocktails, then burgers at Blanc Burger and a few post dinner cocktails. It was a blast. By the way, we were hooked up at Blanc Burger just by tweeting with them. They had a table ready for the 10 of us and sent out 4 free appetizers. Thanks again @Blancburger! I also got my new @SwellCaroline necklace in the mail Saturday morning so I had to show it off :)

Sunday was my little cuzzy's graduation party. Congrats Al! She's all growed up :(. It was nice to see the fambam and get caught up. Can I just note that in this pic I'm wearing the biggest heels ever and neither of them have shoes on, so I'm really not a giant. 

The weekend was great, but it's still not over so please excuse me while I go do more of this...



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