Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's Tuesday!

Here's the sneak peek of our WEDDING VIDEO!!I'm in LOVE. Feel free to check out Matt Hawley of Hawleywood Films. I highly recommend him!

I came home to a lovely surprise last week, my husband and brother in law put the microwave up!! Yay! The kitchen is complete! There's a few tweaks we'll make here and there but for the most part, it's set!

I had to share this bad boy. A friend of mine makes these and has them in her Etsy shop, Cranberry Canary. I fell in love with this fun little pillow. She has other adorable ones on there too!

I wore this dress at our engagement party last year. I wore it yesterday and I had forgot how much I love it and how sassy it makes me feel. ;)

Just a few random updates for ya! Life is goood!


  1. What a beautiful wedding video! My husband and I were also married in November 2011 (on the 11th) ;) I absolutely LOVE the black dress you wore to your engagement party. Can I ask where you got it??

  2. My friend actually used to have a boutique here in KC called girl boutique. It's no longer open. Te one in Columbia is though. The brand is Tart though, you could look on polyvore or google them!


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