Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well it's July. The month of July marks the start of my birthday countdown. So what if my birthday isn't until October, I like to pregame and get myself prepped for all the festivities. First things first, my wishlist. Now I'd like to pretend like I'm not a materialistic girl, but I think we all know that's not the case. So, no false advertisement here. Shall I proceed with my wishlist now that we've made that clear? I feel like for good measure, and just incase my husband is reading, I should state that everything on this list is on sale at Nordstrom starting July 11th. Oh wait, is that today? What a coincidence! It's never too early to start shopping for someone's birthday. ;)

These come in fuchsia, that's what I'd prefer.

We all know how obsessed I am with Frye boots. Frye's are never on sale, except for July 11th. :) AND these are called, "Melissa Trapunto," if the shoe fits....

I just love this orange bomber jacket.

I clearly need this elbow patch sweater...
Also available at Nordstrom. I'm now resorting to snapping photos from my magazine. I feel like I should be cutting my magazine up and taping my favorite things to my bulletin board like I used to when I was younger. 

My inner animal is begging to come out. Baha.

I'd also like a refill of the best stuff on Earth.

I saved the best for last...
*It must be in this awesome lipstick red color*

Other crucial items on my birthday wishlist include; an hour back and/or foot massage, some delicious grub of some sort and a pedicure. Am I asking for too much? I am, aren't I? lol
Have a fantastic day y'all!
-Melissa Loren

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