Monday, July 16, 2012

{Melt in Your Mouth Corn}

I have another yummy recipe for you today. My hubby does this for us all the time and I love it. It's simple, nothing fancy but it's delish. 
All you need are some ears of corn(in the husks), butter and your favorite seasonings (whatever seasonings you have in your pantry will work). This time around we used parmesan(I think this is a must), a little steak seasoning and garlic.
Start by pulling the husks back, but not off. Remove all the little hairs. Next, butter that corn. Then just sprinkle on all of your seasons, give 'em a nice coat for full flavor! Toss them on the grill for about 20 minutes. Be prepared, they are going to be so juicy and flavorful, they will melt in your mouth. You're going to want to do this all summer long!

You can enjoy them with some delicious steaks like we did.
And after, whip out the magic shell! :)
Happy Monday!
-Melissa Loren

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