Thursday, July 19, 2012

{Spruce Up Your Look}

Wanting something different? A little pep in your step? Here are some easy and fun ways to switch up your look and give it a little sprucing...

Try a different colored eyeliner and pair it with mascara only. I love this look! I actually use shadows as different liner colors. Try this site for some awesome colors.

Grab ya some clip-in extensions, they are a surefire way to give your look a breath of fresh air. Hair extensions are so easy to manage these days(says the girls who has never worn them before). They look easy enough though. I'm considering getting some, it think it'll be fun to get back some of my length. I've heard that Sally's is a good place for a beginner to start.

Add a self tanner to your daily and nightly moisturizer. It adds a little bit of oomph to your color and helps hide any imperfections. I've already expressed to you, my love for Lorac's TANtalizer, now they have a face tanner! Take my advice though, and add it to a moisturizer, especially if you have fair skin. This way you don't end up looking like and oompa loompa. :)

Go for a BRIGHT lip! Draw people into those lippies with a color that pops! I think a bright lip will dramatically change any woman's look. And don't act like you can't pull off a bright lip, you know you can! So be brave! Might I suggest this $12.00, Sephora beauty?

Grab a new heel. Don't shoes always make a lady feel better? No? Is that just me? Any who, I bought these a couple months with that "iffy" thought in the back of my mind, because they're not my typical shoe. However, I am now obsessed with them. I wear them with everything. They are the most comfortable heels I've ever owned and they were $30 at Forever 21.

Last but not least, a lovely nail color will always spruce up your look.  How about Essie's Cascade Cool or Ole Caliente? Love these two!

Melissa Loren

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